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andy p

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  1. Wanted golf gti door cards in any condition,doesn't even matter if seriously water damaged. Red stripe type.what have you got? Thanks in advance
  2. Im after and original 17inch 34 hole lip 1.5 thickness. Can anyone help.cheers Andy
  3. Has anyone replaced their bbs lips and want to sell me there old original ones? Only after one 17inch 34 hole 1.5inch lip.the aftermarket ones are a different profile to the original. Any help on this would be great . cheers
  4. andy p

    bennys rallye

    loving the work gone into this,just awesome
  5. Do u still have that spare front tow eye? Great work by the way
  6. Hi.would you be able to sell me a 22 inch flat carbon circle for my spare wheel area?
  7. I am after a recaro 16v rear bench seat.grey with black and red stripe.also if anyone has any front recaro seat spares let me no, cloths, , foams ect. trying to put together a full set. Cheers. Andy
  8. Rallye brake ducts would be a good shout! ?
  9. andy p

    wanted. bbs ra's

    Only after 2 in 15 inch.anyone?
  10. andy p

    Wanted!!!! Mk2 headlining and stalks

    15 delivered any good to you mate.pm me your number and ill text you.
  11. andy p

    Wanted!!!! Mk2 headlining and stalks

    I have a set of stalks mate.
  12. I have one mate. Call me 07532350500. Andy
  13. andy p

    wanted. bbs ra's

    As per title.after 4.15 inch.anything considered.