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  1. Just seen the rest of the birthday messages,stupid phone doesn't show them all.... Thanks all :-))

  2. been a long time since I've seen 4 am!!!!!!! night all

  3. 4music have smiley-faced the 'wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah' bits... thank fook for that!! lol

  4. think i'll treat myself to a working pressure washer nozzle today.I feel old.

    1. ByteJunkie


      anyone would think it were your birthday

  5. even as a soon to be 28year old, why are red pull cords so tempting to pull?

    1. ByteJunkie


      cos youre a loser.

  6. He's dead Dave, everybody's dead, everybody is dead Dave.

  7. aaaafternoon delight...

  8. have either broken off a bit of filling. or a bit of tooth. . bugger!!!

  9. toilets smell nicer than our office next door. I think we've got a plumbing problem!think I'll come work with you tomorrow David ! lol

  10. mk1 has set off on its way to Taunton !

  11. suppose I best crack on and change oil on golf before its collected next week. . . :/

  12. anyone use iTunes match?

  13. total wipeout. game over. light's are on, nobody's in !!!!!!!!Paul you think you've got power issues?????and Mr. Daykin you've just got it easy...