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  1. Been off the radar for a long time but finally trying to do something with my G...wouldn't mind a couple of stickers to go on it if there still available???:
  2. Dragging this up from the grave...need to get my G60 painted so the screen has to come out...tis cloudy in the corners anyway but what's the likelihood of me being able to source a new bonded screen??
  3. The mk2 with these seats is for sale on PH,white mk2 8v,lovely looking car!!
  4. Looks lovely that,someone's going to get a bargain!!
  5. Ey up Chris,glad to see your still with us,hope your well,catch up soon!!
  6. Its on a Fire&Ice G60,the lads on E38,he's from up my way,dont think he's looking to sell it tho!
  7. I want a bit of a mix of both,like my car to look good but not un-usable as well as being quick enough to put a smile on my face which the G usually does!! ;) ;)
  8. Might be interested in the Alternator,dependant on pics!! ;)
  9. Nice blue sea somewhere in the background but my eyes cant help but be drawn back to a cracking pair of baps!!!! :lol: :lol:
  10. Very nice,got to go through the same process myself to fit my wheels as they are 5x120 too but mines just a standard G not a Rallye!! ;)
  11. Just taken a pair of an 8v gti if they are any use,give me a shout! ;)
  12. Yep,wheels and suspension make a noticable difference straight away!!
  13. My daily: Lowered on KW kit,running 18" BBS,one of the best things i ever bought,only SDI but goes well enough!! Turbo versions are really rapid though!! You wont regret it!! ;) :)
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