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  1. Still here, just. Had a lot on the last few months, will have to try & make the next dub pres.
  2. I run 215 40 16 continental sports contact 2 on my 9 1/2" rear & 9" front wheels the rolling radius is exactly the same. I measured them several times. I tried lots of tyres brands, mixed brands front & rear & mixed profiles it just worked out these had the same rolling radius. Hope this helps.
  3. [quote name='dUff' timestamp='1328173791' post='150739'] Hi So i have Digifiz 7000 rpm version CE2 loom Brackets ( from the dealer ) I was going to fit in in my track car mk2 16v , but think its better suited to being in the rallye i am after a clock adjuster with ABS , missed out on that on ebay To fit it what speedo sender do i need and can this be bought at a dealer ( i do have a mk3 speed sensor is it the same ?? ) Is there any other parts i require before i attempt fitting it ALso the rev counter , is this going to be ok in the loom i have or do i need to take a feed of the ECU Cheers [/quote] Good luck with finding the clock adjuster with ABS, I have been looking for ages!
  4. [quote name='rallyemonkey' timestamp='1326554171' post='150358'] From the hand book The vehicle can be towed like any two wheel drive golf With a recovery vehicle the car can be towed with front or rear wheels suspended If the vehicle has to be towed with the rear wheels lifted and the rear wheels cannot turn freely, one must ensure that the freewheel in the rear axle has not been bridged beforehand by driving vehicle in reverse. To stop the bridging of the freewheel the gear lever must be moved briefly into first gear with ignition on and then back into neutral. [/quote] Thanks for that. I will have to try and track down a Rallye hand book.
  5. [size=4][color=#191970]Can you tow a Rallye by lifting the front wheels onto a dolly or tow truck? I cannot find a definitive answer anywhere. I found a post on vortex that said you can & found other info that said you can't and that it will wind up the rear diff? Has anyone got a Rallye / Syncro owners handbook in English that states the correct procedure?[/color][/size]
  6. Looks great Patrick, second best colour I have ever seen :rolleyes:
  7. Nice one, hope to see you there.
  8. mk21147


    Not much help, but my local tyre fitter just rang up & ordered them.
  9. Spoke to a friend last night who works at euro car parts & he said they can still get them??
  10. Just found the receipt, rear ABS part number from euro car parts is 417440780. These fitted spot on for me. Not cheap though.
  11. You can still by them from euro car parts. They are an ATE dealer. Just get the part number off your old sensors, bring it in & they will order them from ATE for you. If you don't have any luck I will try & find my receipt for the part number.
  12. Looking great, keep the pics coming :D