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  1. Saw the rallye at the NEC Classic Car show last year, it looked mint!!!!
  2. Oh no, I saw some of the posts on FB looked like a lot of extra work, but I suppose not worth rushing as it needs to be right!
  3. Jonk, will your car be ready by then??? lol.....
  4. Glad its coming together Jonk, will it be ready for the Rallye Show 2109?? lol.... Is it still an 1800 or have gone for a RE1900?
  5. My goodness JonK I feel for you mate, you really have had a run of bad luck with rallye's, I am sure you'll get it sorted in the end!
  6. Loving the seats JonK! What cloth is it from? Mk1 Series 1 GTI? Have you bought a 911 cab?
  7. This doesn't surprise me it didn't sell, for that kind of money you could pop over the channel buy a good Rallye, stay in a five star hotel for a couple of weeks and still come home with some change. Some of these traders are just chancing their luck.
  8. This guy has been reported on facebook, he doesn't actually own the cars, so to all dubforce members I would stay well away from it.   I believe there's a reward out for him!
  9. In my opinion I'd get rid of it after the winter, as by the looks of your existing fleet you have enough!! And I thought I was bad with 2 Porsches and a mondeo!! Lol....
  10. Just a few more photos I dug out the weekend.    
  11. Was that the rallye that had BMW side vents in the wings??
  12.   No worries Pat, there's always next year.       There was so much to see I only watched them on stage for about 20 minutes fixing an MGB, will try and make time to have a photo with them next year.   I did see Quentin Wilson on the Merc owners stand too, or should I call him Clockin Wilson, he was notorious for clocking cars when he was a trader!!! lol...