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  1. Provisionally sold
  2. SOLD
  3. Messenger says " Mike GTi cannot receive messages."
  4. It came with a Supersprint one but I hope to get a custom rear section made up to look OEM at some point.
  5. Finally found the time and weather to get some pictures of the car as it is now. Things still to do include getting central locking sorted, wire up electric Recaros to the fusebox and attach the headlight adjuster motors. Also tyres for the RM002's. Engine bay although oil free and dry could do with a clean up. With the Aubergine G60 Ed1 up on eBay for £15000, I hate to think what the car might be worth after purchasing it as a shed for £3500 four years ago!
  6. Diameter 360mm Looks to have boss for big spline.
  7. RAID leather steering wheel with boss, KBA 70078. Used but in very good condition with no tears or rips. Item located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £60
  8. Pick which one you want.
  9. VW Motorsport leather gear lever gaitor. Badge will need stuck back on. No rips or tears. Slight smooth wear on leather where badge sits. Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £65
  10. 3 hub caps for VW Sebring alloy wheels, 535 601 149 V7L. All complete with mounting tabs but will need repainted. Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £20 each
  11. Various reflector mounting parts, 191 941 121. H2 bulbs, N 0188611. Bulb holder 191 941 160. Still on VWClassic. I think the screws go with the mounting parts? Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £15
  12. Mk2 Golf RH halogen headlight with Hella sticker on glass. 1F3 135 622-001 Glass milky inside from storage but unused. Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £25
  13. Shame they are using the 3 support design for the outlet but thicker walls should help make it sturdier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANQNbXpUfL0