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  1. slateford

    Digifiz brackets wanted

    Got some at last.
  2. slateford

    Golf Gti G60 Edition One

    Finally got the BBS wheels on after 3 years in my hallway!
  3. slateford

    G60 reverse switch clip

    That is the one thanks.
  4. Hi, Looking for a wiring loom retaining clip for the reverse switch on the PG gearbox. Part number or used. I think it comes as part of the loom connector.
  5. slateford

    My new G60 Edition 1

  6. slateford

    Wanted: Rear Rallye ABS Sensors

    Ruud's VW Shop and perhaps still VW Classic.
  7. slateford

    VW Golf G60 Rallye 4WD

    https://koskinimport.com/en/product/vw-golf-g60-rallye-4wd/ VW Rallye Golf G60 Historic J2 Rare 4WD model, with G-Supercharger. Made by Autoracing in 1988. Matteri Body kit. Lockheed brakes, vented discs + aluminum hat. Pedalbox. Adjustable Bilstein suspension with aluminum tops. Sump guard to the front and rear. Halda old-school trip meter- In 2016 the body was tidied up and resprayed all over, only the advertisement are stickers. Competition history 89-92, EX-driver: Rastas / Eronen / Päivänsalo New FIA passport was issued in 2016. It would require a little bit of work prior to any competition use, like updating the seats/belts and fuel tank. For non-competition use the car is ready to be used as is and enjoyed.
  8. slateford

    No fluid from abs pump

    I bought a 2nd hand unit and was lucky the 1st one I bought worked fine. A couple of sites to consider. http://www.invasionautoproducts.com/volkswagen5.html http://www.tav-autoverwertung.de/shop/ABS-Hydraulic-Unit_531 535 698 310A - repair set for hydraulic valve unit 20,64MM https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/repair-kit/535698310a/
  9. slateford

    Golf Gti G60 Edition One

    Couple more parts to add to the list! 191121253AL Radiator 580 x 304 x 33 mm 535121647 Coolant connection piece , catalyst models 535121687 O-ring 813862153A Drivers door central locking actuator 191827571E Tailgate lock mechanism for central locking 191821021D LF G60 wing (used) 191821022D RF G60 wing (used) 191809961B LF arch liner 191809962B RF arch liner 191898051 G60 wing attachment kit 191853717D LF G60 arch 191853718D RF G60 arch 191853817D LR G60 arch 191853818D RR G60 arch 191853515D Door protection strip 36mm L 191853516D Door protection strip 36mm R 191853535D Protection strip 36mm LR 191853536D Protection strip 36mm RR 191853653F Front grill satin black 191853661 Lower grill trim 191805825E LF air guide channel 191805826E RF air guide channel 191827577A Tailgate hand grip moulding 165853339B Metal sleeve for front bonded screen trim. 191941699B FL Fog lamp 191941700B FR Fog lamp 191941705 L Fog lamp bracket 191941706 R Fog lamp bracket 191988101 Installation kit and loom for side repeaters 191953155F FL indicator white 191953156C FR indicator white 191957803E G60 speedometer cable 3A1721555B Accelerator cable 171723589A Stop buffer for above 191721559 Socket for above 191862287 Seal for locking petrol flap bolt Hella 1L8 004 190-11 Halogen headlights x2
  10. A long shot but I am after a set of Digifiz unit brackets. A set on eBay.de but look to have issues from previous mounting.
  11. slateford

    No fluid from abs pump

    VW listed a repair part to swap out for the hydraulic valve unit but I haven't seen anyone strip one to free the valves.