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  1. 7 years on and I still own my 2nd V6, now nudging 140,000 miles. Revo stage 2 remap, Bilstein B12 suspension, R32 front and rear anti roll bars and the car is amazing to drive. Refurbished alloys have kept it looking tidy. New radiator and clutch are the only real big items the car has needed.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-Mk2-VW-Golf-G60-Rallye-GrpA-original-rally-car/283922058360?hash=item421b12cc78:g:Bs8AAOSwhkNe72Ep This is an original rallye car built in 1989 for Swedish rally legend Erik Eken Johansson, using all VW motorsport parts. It was used in Sweden and in Europe to contest many WRC events. Then later in its life was used by Swedish driver Mikael Gustafsson to contend Swedish national events. There is a good detailed provenance of its history. in 2017 a bare shell restoration was started. The shell was striped and carefully restored, only replacing parts that were beyond repair, ensuring that the original patina was kept. The Proflex suspension was renewed by Proflex UK, The engine had a complete rebuild, the VW motorsport gearbox and rear diff were completely rebuilt by gearbox specialist KN transmissions. A completely New motorsport wiring loom was built, all new fuel lines and fittings , new seats, harnesses, and most other parts to numerous to mention are all new and documented. it Must be viewed to appreciate the work thats gone into this car. In 2018 it contended a few UK events to shakedown the new build. it was invited to Goodwood festival of speed, Shelsley Walsh , and a couple of slowly sideways events to mention a few. where it behaved impeccably. It comes with an impressive spares package, to include, 20 wheels and tyres , mainly new. The registration OPR500 is its original Swedish reg number, its not uk reg at the moment. But has all the correct paperwork to do so, if required. It does have a UK MSA Rally log book
  3. https://www.neilbainbridge.com/Cars/Details/10942/VW-Motorsport-G40-Cup DESCRIPTION VW G40Cup Complete with FIA Homologation Documents, MSA Vehicle Passport and V5 This Original G40 Cup is the 'last one' still competing to my knowledge and a very rare car......it is also the only G40 Cup Race car to ever be 'road registered' in 1998 to allow it to compete in a previous roadgoing production class in MSA Hillclimbs. History. 1 of 50 cars plucked from the production line (before undersealing etc) by VW Motorsport and converted to race spec for the VW G40 Cup Race Series which ran from 1990-96. Built in 1991 by Barwell motorsport and competed in UK Circuit racing until 1996. Originally driven by Mark Lemmer: 1992-12 starts, 12 finishes, 1 win, 2 second places, 3 third places, 3 fastest laps and 1 lap record. 1993-11 starts, 11 finishes, 3 pole positions, 1 win, 3 second places, 1 3rd place, 3 fastest laps, 3 lap records. 1994-96 Gary james, Tim Munday then drove the car but unable to find the results. 1996-2000 Purchased by Damon Gray in 1996 and campaigned in MSA Hillclimbs Class 7 modified production, converted to road spec and road registered in 1998 to allow it to compete in road going production until 2000 where it was then dry stored until sold in 2006. 2006-2011 Re commissioned by David Sturdy and Richard Vale and competed in MSA Harewood speed Championships winning outright in 2009 & 2010 and coming runner up in 2008. 33 Races, 13 wins, 11 second places, 7 third places with only 2 finishes off the podium in 5 years of competition. Course record holder 12/4/2009-12/5/2012 and still 1 of only 3 cars to go sub 67's. 2012-2015 Purchased by Will Roberts competing in MSA Hillclimbs at Harewood, prescot, Barbon. 13 Races, 2 wins,3 second places and 4 third places. 2016-2018 Purchased by Ian Johnson November 2016from Richard Vale who had bought the G40 back from Will Roberts in 2015 but did not compete just dry stored. The G40 Cup was returned back to Full Modified Production spec from its road going spec. MSA Vehicle passport June 2017 Competed in MSA Sprints modified production class 3b and also Javelin Sprint series class highly modified production 1600-2000cc. 7 Races, 2 wins, 2 second places, 1 third place and 2 forth places. Car Condition Being a race car for all of its 27 years the G40 Cup has had a 'used' life but is very presentable with no rot along with recent paintwork (end 2017) to bonnet, wings, rear hatch, front bumper, rear bumper and 4 arch extensions. Everything works as it should with nothing needing doing mechanically, its on the button ready to go with a good spares package included. NB: This is a used 'Race Car' not a garaged show car, it has been used and abused for 27 years. Car Spec Wet weight 711kgs Shell VW Motorsport fully seam welded and strengthened shell, G40 Cup Safety devices 7 point roll cage with 10 additional fixed bolt to shell points, door bars, harness bar with integrated eye bolt points. Weld in seat rail GRP Bonnet GRP Rear Hatch Plastics 4 performance poly carbonate windows (sides and rear) Welded in Sill stand kit with 4 x 500mm height stands Engine Rebuilt in 2015 by Darren Underwood and only competed in 11 sprints which is approximately 125 miles of racing along with 2 ½ day track days at Oulton park and Anglesey. 1341cc Fully Forged, lightened and balanced, wossner pistons and rings, PEC rods, Mahle bearings, baffled sump. Brand new (2015) big valve head ported and polished with Schrick race guides, titanium retainers, springs, cotters and Schrick camshaft. Compression 8:1 GT ported inlet manifold De wedged ported throttle body Stainless 4 branch exhaust manifold (wrapped) Side exit power-flow 3" exhaust (92db) Jabba sport R1 ported G40 Supercharger running 11psi boost......dyno graphs showing 177bhp (Dec 2016) running rich with fuel pressure set wrong and dyno graph after build in 2015 of 192bhp (different rolling road used). Power is somewhere I expect between the two. Gearbox G40 Cup ATV gearbox with ratios: 1=3.455 2=2.095 3=1.469 4=1.098 5=0.851 CAE Ultra Short Shifter G40 Cup LSD-Plated Gemini with ratio 4:3:1......comes with spare circuit 3:3:1 Clutch Paddle Clutch with lightened flywheel (unknown make) Suspension Front: G40 Cup fully rose jointed steering & suspension G40 Cup Eccentric adjustable top mounts G40 Cup Adjustable platform strut with shortened Bilstein 40mm Group A inserts, 342lb springs G40 Cup solid ARB with Cup lowering blocks G40 Cup adjustable top strut brace Lower Chassis brace Adjustable lower control arms Custom Geometry set up by Simon Stanley Chevron Motorsport Rear G40 Cup rear beam with integrated torsion bar Black poly bushed Avo adjustable platform, rebound coil over's with 420lb springs Brakes Willwood Dynalite 4 pot calipers with custom bracket Custom BG Motorsport Bells Custom 300mm x 22mm Mtec grooved & vented disk DS3000 pads Braided brake lines Motul RF660 brake fluid OBP Billet Floor mounted adjustable bias pedal box Dash Mount brake bias adjuster G40 Cup AP rear bias valve (original) Wheels/Tyres Wheels 1: Ultralite 8 x 15 ET0 fitted with Avon 8.0 x 21.5 15 A15 Hillclimb slicks Wheels 2: Compomotive MO5 7 x 15 ET12 front, ET25 Rear fitted with 2 x Avon 8.0 x 21.5 15 cut A15 hillclimb slicks Wheels 3: Mimms 7 x 15 ET25 fitted with Toyo R1R 195 x 50 x 15 list 1b tyre (wets) which have done 4 laps Spare tyres: Nearly new 2 off 9.0 x 21.5 15 Avon A15 hillclimb slick wrapped and stored correct Nearly new 2 off 7.5 x 21.5 15 Avon A15 hillclimb slick wrapped and stored correct Old 2 off 8.0 x 21.5 Avon Soft compound slick Old 2 off 8.0 x 21.5 Avon Medium compound slick Interior Carbon Tec door cards Corbeau bucket seat (not in date) Willians 4 point Harness (not in date) Sparco Suede deep dish steering wheel with boss Lifeline pumbed in fire extinguisher with external pull cord (in date) Varley Red top battery Cartek ignition cut off system Carbon dash panel with ignition switch, ignition reset, wiper, dash, afr switches and Racetec boost gauge Pi Research System 2 Race dash: Laptimer, data log, rev counter, speedo, oil temp, water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure, battery level etc. Stack wideband AFR gauge with fitted wideband sensor Spares Adjustable lower control arms, AP disks, brake Pads, CV joints, Drives hafts, cables ,Cup diff, ball joints, track rods, head bolts, inlet manifold, fuel injector rail with loom, FPR, pedal box, gear lever and linkage. Also all original glass windows, rear hatch (required for certain race series homologation), All interior parts that would turn the car back into 'road going production class': rear seat, seat belts, door cards, parcel shelf, window reg's etc. The G40 Cup comes with all document: V5 registration document, MSA Vehicle passport, FIA Homologation documents, Dyno graphs and a folder full of invoices totaling over £16,000. Also the magazine feature on the car which had a 7 page spread, Club Polo 2018 Calendar where the G40 Cup is the May Cover picture.
  4. Currently in Germany and up for sale. Pics from 2018. If I dig out the magazine, I will add it here.
  5. slateford

    WOB VX 44

    Long video of WOB VX 44 at the 2020 Planai Classic with Hans-Joachim Stuck . https://www.autobild.de/klassik/artikel/vw-golf-2-g60-rallye-4x4-weber-hiemer-stuck-16241461.html
  6. Remanufactured "Rallye Golf" emblem on VW Classic. €24.95 https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/schriftzug-rallye-golf.html
  7. Highlights from more than 6 decades of research and development at VW. Booklet_Research_Development_Volkswagen_EN_20180321_reduced_version.pdf
  8. slateford

    Login issues

    Sometimes you have to click just above the "?" mark
  9. €70,000 https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?id=281086832&damageUnrepaired=NO_DAMAGE_UNREPAIRED&isSearchRequest=true&makeModelVariant1.makeId=25200&makeModelVariant1.modelDescription=g60&makeModelVariant1.modelGroupId=29&pageNumber=5&scopeId=C&sfmr=false&sortOption.sortBy=searchNetGrossPrice&sortOption.sortOrder=ASCENDING&usage=USED&searchId=b0f06c7d-b462-3215-40f2-5fe7d05a1908
  10. I thought it might be a bit busier with everyone being indoors but it's the same with other forums I look at. Spent a week getting the G60 up and running, MOT'd and cleaned to go to events this year. Now it's back under wraps☹️
  11. https://suchen.mobile.de/fahrzeuge/details.html?dam=0&doc=1&fbclid=IwAR3XeXacWXbcpHkra6E7sjAFw1T2DHReH4QX-Cr1M0vpQg1xdyRClQK6P40&fr=1985%3A1991&id=296738561&ms=25200%3B%3B%3B%3B&od=up&s=Car&sb=p&sfmr=false&vc=Car
  12. https://dreamcargiveaways.co.uk/current-competitions/golf-rallye-16v-turbo/?fbclid=IwAR21TGHELZ3Y1GYGURGdnkd_2GBNwA-A6aZmXEAeYy9-sGNQXJhHhJ1-UnA
  13. Advert is 2 years ago but car looks nice for 20,000 Euros. https://www.mercadoracing.org/79/702483/golf-rallye.html
  14. Private Belgium sale of a G60 Ed1 that now has a 16vG60 motor. A friend noticed that it is also a non sunroof model. ( Faire offre sérieuse à partir de 10000 eu, par mail ) https://www.2dehands.be/a/auto-s/volkswagen/m1506032298-a-vendre-vw-golf-2-gti-16-s-g60-edition-one-moteur-16g.html?c=a2384ef0ece270f44503df9f8598c624&previousPage=lr