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  1. Great post Simeon Unfortunately, I feel exactly the same about the forum. I keep dropping in from time to time hoping to see it a little more active, sadly it remains the same. I'm not knocking the old girl, it's great that the forum is still up and running. Seems most of us have their cars tucked away and life have taken over. A little from me, I've sold all but one of my Mk2's and just have the Rallye hidden away, I'v settled down, had two kids and spend too much time at work. Hope all the old boys and girls that still come on here are all keeping well 🙂 Same time, same place 2021 Simeon? All the best, Paul PS, any ideas on why my sentences have 1 space between text ?
  2. Welcome That's a nice looking Mk2
  3. It is not only shorter interval service, with smaller pulley you have more danger becouse of high charger speed... With 60mm pulley, you must take special barings for high speed and every oil change,service of charger ( cca every 4000 miles) It's been a good few years since I last posted here, nice to see some are still keeping it going! My Rallye has been running a 60mm pulley since 1990 (with limited mileage) I played around with a 62mm pulley on my Golf G60 project a few years back, I should have stayed with 65mm looking back at it now
  4. Low Mileage Golf Rallye prices are on the up, no doubt about that.   I think this is not far off the money to be honest
  5. Think I have all 3 original boost hoses from a golf G60 matey. I may also have the solid centre section.
  6. Cheers for the input Gents. Not been able to solve the issue as yet, although power did come back for 1 second before failing again. Seems like a dodgy power connection.
  7. Been quiet lately, so it must be time for a few more snaps. A few bay pictures from the weekend
  8. Something has cut the power to both widows motors, they are not getting any power. The motors are fine.
  9. Chaps, I'v suddenly lost power to both electric windows, no current is being drawn when I press either switch. The small fuse is intact, is there a larger relay that controls power to the window motors? My driver side window is stuck open :( Thanks in advance
  10. I do indeed matey ! That must have been you I spotted sitting in traffic on Shelton new road a few weeks back?
  11. Welcome Lee   Another Stoke lad?
  12. looks nice :)   Welcome to the forum
  13. I seem to remember 2.5" being the sweet spot on a G60, with 2.75" + better for turbo engines?
  14. And then sold it on for a lot more no doubt Your old Red Rallye was a superb example! I think we have better examples here in the UK now. Most Rallye you see for sale in Germany look Dog rough and are really expensive.