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  1. Have you strut brace still

  2. I have these on my rallye. Awesome bit of kit.
  3. Wow. Can't believe you sold it mate. Somebody has just got a bargain.
  4. It will be exactly the same size. If not you may have a scirocco one that fits a mk1 golf. My body shop just cut out those tabs and welded them to my good mk2 panel.
  5. Good idea. If you still plan on doing the dsg and you need any help fire away.
  6. In a word. No. Depends on how skilled you are at welding and fabricating. Anything is possible.
  7. Another one saved nice one. So pick up Jan, finished by March, rallye meet in April yes?
  8. No1rallye I need to pop over and see your collection one day. I'm only Brownhills but my rallye would be no use as it doesn't have much in the way of genuine stuff left. I do have a very old rotten sill if you need one for measuring?
  9. Mike the polisher does cans that are apparently as close as poss. Plus they are matt finish like genuine.
  10. Haldex is a big job mate. You don't need to shorten rear shafts just change cv's. Fronts are custom shortened shafts from the 02M gearbox. I'd just have your gearbox and transfer box checked at same time. Rebuild if necessary, maybe add a limited slip diff? I wouldn't have done haldex unless I had too to match dsg. Any questions about conversion just fire away.
  11. Oh yeah here we go again. Convoy again ladies and gents?