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  1. which post is it, i can have a look in the images folder.
  2. just realised matt pett has adjusted the time of the meet, so its now from 9AM. apologies.
  3. Back with a new venue and new times. Sunday August 28th We're trialling a new bank holiday breakfast meet for Dub Preservation, so come and meet up at the Crooked Billet in Saxton for their awesome breakfast and our usual eclectic mix of german autos. We're getting there for 8AM, see you there. http://www.crooked-billet.co.uk/
  4. sorry, but i still havent looked into it. ive got a piece of work on which has seen me doing hours on an evening, so any time after that is spent with my little un. will come soon though, as ive got to look at moving dubforce onto someone with some time and i wouldn't want to hand it over without a fix.
  5. there were 8v edition ones and i think 16v edition ones also. all imported.
  6. separate issue, im working with invision on it, but it means yet another reinstall of the forums.
  7. tapatalk should be working again.
  8. yep, i know its broke, just not had time to upload the newest version yet.
  9. thats a phone browser option, not a forum option. what browser you using on your phone?
  10. subtle enough to show its changed, near enough the df we all know and love. love it. thanks for putting time into that.
  11. im going to try and make it a little more like the old site, but not so much that we lose the usage of the new features. there are nice new things to get used to using, the old stuff is still there too (garage). and when all is said and done, we had a security issue that i had to fix, updating to a supported forum version is the only way sometimes. sorry.
  12. ugh, we were a long way behind the current versions in our forums and garage apps, things weren't working so we've had to do a huge upgrade. plus points. the new forums are lovely to use. lots more add ons become available to use garage functionality has been upgraded bad points - that daft background. I've asked bear for a nice image, hopefully he still has the one of the DF logo on the Karousel. - shift Return is now a thing. if you press normal return when typing a message, you get the old double space for new paragraph. press shift return and you only get the single space. ugh. - everything has a new name. including the forums. need to fix that and apply the branding. if anyone spots anything else skewy, add it in here. thanks Matt
  13. i wouldnt be doing it at home, i'd be looking for someone with some skill to do it.   i hear you with the buy it thing, but have you tried buying a syncro recently? or a clean mk2?   the more i look into any of this, the more i think a trip to germany will be the way forwards.   not even sure any of this will happen to be honest, but something to think about.
  14. poor ad   mileage mods service blah blah.