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  1. so, i started with a mini metro, then a 1300 mk2 golf, mk1 gti, mk2 gti, g60, rallye, VR6, S4, Ibiza TDI, 330d M Sport and currently in a 335d M Sport. there a mk1 polo in there and a 200sx and a few beaters, but thats the list. i regret never having a corrado cos i love the looks, but the one i drove (@henny) just didnt grab me (seating position).
  2. and therein lies the problem with this market. there are people willing to drop large amounts of money into them fully armed with the knowledge they'll double that just to get the car right. 3k for the bumpers? worlds gone mad.
  3. keep working on him. especially if you're ready to put money into a project and he isnt. offer him dibs when you sell it!!!
  4. A theme upgrade has broken our custom theme, so if you're seeing issues and can't login, clear browser content, or hit the theme button in the bottom left of the page and make sure you're using the default invision theme.
  5. I feel like the first shows of 2021 will be pretty busy. Matt
  6. Paul, this is the DF page on FB. https://www.facebook.com/Dubforcenet-128028917223311 Matt
  7. 68mm pulley and an SNS chip, yet its standard? no way i'd give 15k for that. might be lucky to get 5 out of me...
  8. i agree on FB, but this forum has been quiet (dead) for a while. that being said, ive just renewed it for another year. I was going to shut it down, but lets give it one last chance. i dont know what that means in terms of numbers, but if we can get it feeling busy by the end of the year, then i wont can it. i cant do that on my own, its gonna need community help to get it busy and make it relevant. nothing is off the table, new skins, email updates, a rework of the forums, suggest anything and i'll work on it. matt
  9. which post is it, i can have a look in the images folder.
  10. just realised matt pett has adjusted the time of the meet, so its now from 9AM. apologies.
  11. Back with a new venue and new times. Sunday August 28th We're trialling a new bank holiday breakfast meet for Dub Preservation, so come and meet up at the Crooked Billet in Saxton for their awesome breakfast and our usual eclectic mix of german autos. We're getting there for 8AM, see you there. http://www.crooked-billet.co.uk/
  12. sorry, but i still havent looked into it. ive got a piece of work on which has seen me doing hours on an evening, so any time after that is spent with my little un. will come soon though, as ive got to look at moving dubforce onto someone with some time and i wouldn't want to hand it over without a fix.
  13. there were 8v edition ones and i think 16v edition ones also. all imported.
  14. separate issue, im working with invision on it, but it means yet another reinstall of the forums.
  15. tapatalk should be working again.
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