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  1. yeah body work very good, few tiny scratches and stone chip but nothing major, tax for 4 months test for 7 months, there is a fella coming form portsmouth who wants the car next Saturday so it may be sold but will keep the forum posted..
  2. hmm bit odd this one, you are either very unlucky or something is not lined up correctly, I have run a standard vr6 clutch for the last two years with 300lbft and its been fine, and with a turbo the torque spike is brutal (well is on mine anyway) so I would think that would be far more likely to snap a clutch than yours (could be wrong though) . what about the spline on the box is that ok ?
  3. Down to 4500 ovno as its just sat on the drive and only used once a month. Any takers ?
  4. I am open to offers as long as they are not taking the ****
  5. Please call 01248810228 after 7pm for further info, dyno print outs can be seen on corrado forum, on piston heads etc for £4750 http://the-corrado.net/forum/viewtopic.php...=a&start=15
  6. Right then Here is a better spec and some pics 1992 J Reg Green corrado G60 BAM AUDI TT 20v conversion with DTA e38 (coilpacks not leads) 297bhp 300lbft CTN diesel gearbox vary large custom intercooler which vince was suprised how well it fitted Blueflame full stainless exhaust Wrapped manifold goodridge brake hoses drilled brake discs 16inch azevs two leather front seats trimmed by MJ interiors good ice including power cap, sub , cJBl components and Sony headunit new cambelt and water pump 500 miles ago I have owned the car for two years and loved it however I only use the car at the weekend and have only put 8000 miles on her in this time, and unfortunatley is an unnecessary expense, there are one or two cosmetic niggles such as a few stone chips and a spot of rust on the inside of the door (tiny) This Car is very fast, and Vince has done a wonderful job in mapping i, when I took it too him it wasnt running right and only manged 250 bhp however the map has transformed it and it destroyed my mates M3. Anyhow I am looking for offers around £5000 so if you are serious then contact me
  7. Right the time has come to move on, I am selling my corrado 20v which I have owned for the past two years, I am looking for offers around £5000, I bought the car for £5200 two years ago but have spent close too £2,000 sorting various bits and bobs. The Car is a J reg corrado g60 with BAM audi TT engine, mapped by stealth to 297bhp and 300ftlb, it is a very tidy install using DTA management, Since I have owned her it has had a full map at stealth, rewiring done to sort coil packs etc, CTN gearbox fitted, new belts and metal water pump, It has two leather front seats trimmed by MJ interiors, and lots of good ICE. I will compose a full list over the coming days and also get some good pictures up, but if anyone is interested please contact me at sammy16v@hotmail.com. Cheers Sam
  8. fair enough but, its been fine for a year and a half now and vince mapped it and rewired the coilpacks so I doubt its due to it running this way.
  9. its on coilpacks, hasn't happend again yet and drove it all weekend, noticed exhaust was hanging quite a bit at the back so sorted that out, don't suppose that could put any excess weight on the turbo ? also had a pock around the engine bay and plugged in laptop but couldnt find any error codes, ar ethese easy to find, i looked in the logfiles . ..
  10. ok over the last a month a small issue has occured with my car about three times, when driving lazily around and the car holding boost at around 3000 to 3500 rpm the car has jerked as though it has hit the redline, and then everything is fine, I can boot the car with no loss of power and the problem will not reoccur again for maybe a week, but the car is not the daily drive so maybe only gets driven a few times a week. is this likely to be something as simple as the recirc valve or something more sinister like a sticking turbo. The car is running DTA and has no MAF or anything like that so am just a little unsure as to what the problem could be, however I havent even opened the bonnet on the thing over the last month so will investigate further tomorrow, but if anytone has any ideas they would be most welcome. Cheers Sam
  11. WANTED - standard gti mk2 or mk3 020 gearbox, nothing expensive looking for something around £50 just need to get my uncles gearbox changed as its jumping out of reverse and making horrid noises. Cheers Sam
  12. BAM engines and other 225 engines are definatley stronger, the have 20mm pins rather than 19mm and apparently reinforced blocks and rods (however this is up to debate) I would advise new rods for anything over 300lbft torque as its better to be safe than sorry and for the price of them.