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  1. MR_LONG

    G60 supercharger brackets

    No sorry mate. Sold that a while back.
  2. MR_LONG

    G60 supercharger brackets

    Still for sale
  3. Provisionally Sold   Since I've sold my VW's I no longer need this engine. It was removed from my blue Mk1. The engine had been fitted to the car by Dubsport in approx 1998 and the clocks had been re-set to zero at that time. Before removing it the clocks were showing just under 25k but I don't have an exact mileage for total miles covered. - Its a standard bottom end that has been painted black using POR-15 products (Metal prep, rust preventitive paint then engine enamel) - Jabbasport Stage 2 ported head - Piper 285 cam (268/268) - Vernier Pulley - All brackets etc have been blasted and powder coated in a dark gunmetal colour - Jabbasport Stage 4 charger rebuilt by OCD and never used since (also powder coated) - Bar-tek rallye style charger outlet and gasket - New genuine oil feed hose - New water pump - Various new gaskets/ seals (oil filter housing, inlet manifold, water jacket etc) - New continental timing belt kit - New Bosch rotor arm and dizzy cap - New timing belt covers - New bearings in alternator - Assembled with stainless steel bolts where possible   It comes without a flywheel and starter motor but does include a Corrado G60 gearbox, boost return pipework ECU & loom + a set of Bosch orange injectors as well as the standard greens. The rolling road print outs were from before the head and cam were fitted.   SOLD  
  4. MR_LONG

    I wonder where it is??? H197 KKX

    I know of a red rallye thats local to me that doesn't appear at any VW shows or on any forums (private plate but very original) so it may just be that  your old cars in a similar situation
  5. MR_LONG

    Selling a G60 engine

    It's basically the engine that came out of my blue Mk1 but I'd want to sell it with all the parts & not separate. I'll pop an advert up at some point today.
  6. MR_LONG

    Selling a G60 engine

    Good point :) Cheers mate
  7. MR_LONG

    Selling a G60 engine

    I'm just looking for a bit of advice with regards to selling my G60 engine. At the moment it's partially stripped and sitting as the engine minus timing belt & water pump. All the other parts are there though. Do you think it will be worth me buying & doing the timing belt etc & re assembling with new bolts or just selling everything in boxes for the new owner to assemble how they like?
  8. MR_LONG

    G60 ISV: delete / filter / reroute

    You don't always need to drill the butterfly mate. I haven't on mine & it idles fine.
  9. MR_LONG

    genuine golf g60 advice

    No need to. He's already put it up for sale on here a couple of days back
  10. MR_LONG

    tweaked black mk2 abf

    Looks very good from the photos. Do you have your own spray gun etc?
  11. SOLD     http://www.bahnbrenner.com/vw_audi/products/1072/BBM_8V_Fuel_Rail_Digifant_1_2 http://www.bahnbrenner.com/media/php/catalog.php?pid=1074 http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/bbm-fuel-rail-fpr-adapter.html
  12. Provisionally sold