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  1. [quote name='chunkymunkey003' timestamp='1339667202' post='154064'] Woo hold on As said I'll take it by end of month if you have no serious interest [/quote] Yes I know you did but I also said I'd gladly hold it for you until then if a deposit is paid. Just seen a set of pistons and conrods for 200 quid.....mmm where's that socket set and spanners....
  2. It's not within touching distance yet as there's a bit of stuff to clear in front of it or I would have taken the 5 minutes you say it takes to try cranking it How much are G60 conrods and pistons these days...more than 85 quid? And a PG cylinder head,block,inlet manifold,exhaust manifold costs how much these days? In fact the more I think about it I may as well just pull it to bits and sell everything seperately.....
  3. As I said...[b]It's been stood in my garage[u] without[/u] [u]being[/u] [u]turned[/u] over for at least 8 years so will need a rebuild....hence[/b] [u][b]spares[/b][/u] or [u][b]repair[/b][/u]. I only remembered I'd still got it when I moved some other stuff at the back of the garage and saw it sat there....along with a brand new Subaru Legacy gearbox that's still in it's crate that I'd also forgot about, I didn't manualy crank the engine over....hence it's not been turned over for at least 8 years. I do hope you're not expecting a PG engine for 85 quid that's been stood in the back of a garage for 8 years that you can just drop straight into a car and it will run....if so I'm afraid you've set your sights a bit on the high side. The engine is for[b] spares[/b] or [b]repair[/b] and will need a rebuild before it can be used again. Hope that's clear enough?.
  4. [quote name='clipperjay' timestamp='1339588964' post='154022'] I'm curious whats wrong with the PG again? [/quote] It's been stood in my garage without being turned over for at least 8 years so will need a rebuild....hence spares or repair.
  5. .It can stay where it is for couple of weeks if I get full payment or at least a £50 deposit? Or are you waiting for payday?
  6. How long do you call "a while" ? It's also on other forums and eBay(for more) so not sure how long it will be available. Bearing now sold.
  7. G60Steve


    BAD VW registration....B9D VW I've owned the plate for just over 9 years now and never had a problem with it being on any vehicle.It will come with the show plates in the photos if required. All DVLA fees are included in the asking price. The plate can be assigned to any post 1985 vehicle. Payment by cash,cheque or bank transfer. £995 07970 720195
  8. Brand new rear wheel bearing for a Golf Rallye/Syncro. Part number 331 598 625 A 72mm outside diameter. Genuine VW wheel bearing and still in it's original box. £25. 07970 720195
  9. Brand new and never been fitted. Part numbers: Outer: 09 24 134 Middle:09 23 26 4 Badge: 191 601 149 K £20 inc postage. SOLD
  10. What sort of deal were you thinking?
  11. As it says really. Any help much appreciated. Steve.
  12. I've owned this plate for a few years now and was only holding onto it 'just in case' i got another G60...well i did get another G60 but i prefer my G60 Passat Syncro Estate's stealthness instead of alerting everybody to what it actually is :whistling: so the plate is now for sale.It's on retention(has been for the last 2 years)and all it will need to transfer it is the change of nominee...which i will pay the £25 fee. I remember the G60 VW being up for about 2 grand(?)and i know that any plate with VW in it is worth at least £500(and i paid a lot more for this plate 3 years ago!)so i'm open to offers around £995 from anyone who's genuinely interested in owning this rare number plate ;) Please phone me on 07970 720195 if you're interested..no PM's and definately no texts or witheld numbers....or dreamers!
  13. G60Steve

    4WD Rolling Road up North?

    Can anyone recommend a company up north with a rolling road that accepts 4WD cars....and knows what a G60 is. :whistling: I've already been in touch with Noble and i'm awaiting a reply. Thanks for any help. Steve.
  14. G60Steve

    4WD Rolling Road up North?

    Cheers. How much do Racing line charge and do they sort any faults found by the diagnosis check? I'll be phoning them tomorrow anyway but like i say any help much appreciated.
  15. G60Steve

    4WD Rolling Road up North?

    Exactly what i was thinking about Jabba...anyone actually used Jabba's rolling road as of late?
  16. 2002 52 reg Golf GT TDi 150. Metallic black. 5 door. 2 owners. 94k miles with FSH. CD stereo. Aero wipers. ESP. Full electrics. 11 months MOT and 6 months tax. Excellent condition. SOLD
  17. 2 standing tickets to see Keane this Sat'day 3rd March in Sheffield.I paid £54 for the pair. £45 including postage.Paypal accepted so you get them before Sat'day.. 07970 720195
  18. I've just got my new SNS Stage 5 chip from Bilal(and can i just say...what a top bloke :clap: ) and need to know if there's anyone around the Yorkshire area who can fit the chip and set up the car correctly? Or can it be done by a competant mechanic with an ohm meter to check the CO pot? Ta muchly, Steve.
  19. G60Steve

    Chip fitter in the Yorkshire area??

    Cheers,might just go and do that.
  20. G60Steve

    Chip fitter in the Yorkshire area??

    I'm more than capable of swapping the chip...it was just the case of making sure it was imperative to set the CO pot to 450 ohms as per Bilals instructions...cos i don't have an ohm meter.Hence the question of if it's do-able by a 'competant mechanic' ??? Oh and yet again i'm not getting email alerts to any of my postings on here even though i'm signed up for em :huh:
  21. G60Steve


    http://www.biertijd.com/mediaplayer/flvpla...rue&fs=true :lol:
  22. G60Steve

    Some decent G60 plates avail

    Yep it would and i've got it ;) It's in the for sale section somewhere but no takers(apart from p!ss takers :shutup: )so i just might put it on the Passat :cool2: