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  1. Hi guys   I'm looking for the front driver's side rallye bumper bracket if anyone can help please.   Also steering column universal joint rubber gator.   Thanks Sanj
  2. lol yes they were nice wheels :) Any photos of your car?
  3. Nice shots and thanks for the ones of my rallye
  4. what overall rolling radius will this give?
  5. Can I have the link too please. Thanks
  6. Yes will bring the camera Steve. I reckon it's 4 hour drive from London? That means leaving by 5am to get there by 9am!!! What happens if we are late, can't get in? Will there be facilities and time to wash the car?
  7. West London near heathrow and travelling up on Monday morning. What time do we need to get to the show?
  8. Are there any convoys going up from London or enroute?
  9. 1. Si 2. Markg60 3. smithys 4. Sanj
  10. Guys what engine oil are you using in your 20v 1.8T thought I'd give the rallye an oil change before UD. Cheers Sanj
  11. I ordered the kia seals £26 the pair from car parts company on eBay. Any tips on fitting? Cheers Sanj