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  1. dazfxvw

    Digifiz 7K cluster setup - for sale

    Don't forget to put a price on your advert.
  2. dazfxvw

    I wonder where it is??? H197 KKX

    I would still love to find this car 😕
  3. Still needed if any body knows of one, green tint please
  4. Hi Andy, Sorry I've only just seen your message did you get some sorted out or do you still need the indicators, Pm me and I'll get something sorted.
  5. Yep, he didn't want to let go of them lol, I had to really keep bugging him Is that your mate who keep coming up with parts?
  6. dazfxvw

    Golf rallye transfer box

    Can you take a picture of it from the gearbox drive side please
  7. Is this Lou/ Louis? Yes mate, I've still got the yellow headlamps. More updates soon.
  8. For those of you who don't already know Mike from VX Tuning in the US has remanufactured Golf Rallye indicators, they are made as exact replicas of the originals and the quality is excellent. ( there are some pictures below of the test units that I've been sent) They are available in OE Amber, smoked and clear At the moment he's taking pre orders via email for a UK based group-buy which has been organised through myself. All payments will be made through TX Tuning and then the indicators will be shipped to the UK in one delivery and posted out by me to save on international shipping prices and import Duty. > link to the group buy thread on Facebook < https://www.facebook.com/groups/1005966966083257/permalink/1510705202276095/
  9. dazfxvw

    Golf rallye transfer box

    Does it have shared oil feed inlet/outlet or separate?
  10. dazfxvw

    I wonder where it is??? H197 KKX

    Yes mate, I'm on Facebook, (Darron Buckley,I was chatting to you regards the doorcards) I haven't started a thread asking about finding the car on Facebook yet, but I probably will do at some point. 👍
  11. dazfxvw

    Rallye intercooler for sale

    I've messaged you back 👍
  12. dazfxvw

    Updated Forums

    Thanks for the reply ByteJunkie I'm not sure if you have got around to looking into the pic issue yet, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still having the same issues with pics even though the forum has been updated. The rest is looking pretty good though 👍
  13. This is still needed if anyone can help
  14. dazfxvw

    Rallye intercooler for sale

    Lol, I could do with is this back now could you sell it back to me lol