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  1.   Hmmm... Cheers for the heads up. I reakoned it would be petty close during mock up, the alternator look like it would sit just slightly above the crossmember but untill I've physically dropped it into the bay I won't know exactly... If I have to cut a relief in the crossmember then it'll have be so.
  2. The Mk1 in RHD has a brake linkage mechanism that runs across the bulkhead and the reason why our brake are pants!
  3. I've seen these guys advertising on eBay. They do one specifically for the ABF and this one for the shorter 9a/kr block. http://wp-spezialteile.de/shop/index.php?page=product&info=32 The other alternative is to mount under the charger... I've mocked my engine this way and I'm away to try mounting mine in the mk1 soon and if my ruler is being truthful it'll fit... Fingers crossed! And If so, you won't need any custom brackets.
  4. Little update So, been cracking on a bit more over the past few day or so, but being held up by the dreaded waiting for parts game! Decided to sort the brake bar, servo and master cylinder. Firstly the servo needed modifying, I got one years ago out of a Mk3 TDi but its not blessed with a threaded rod so it was into the vice with it and out with the tap and die set! [URL=http://s9.photobucket.com/user/laughingboy_1978/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-03-19%2014.35.26.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s9.photobucket.com/user/laughingboy_1978/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2015-03-19%2014.50.08.jpg.html]
  5. Amazing work, can I ask what paint your using on your wiper motor? Looks very factory.
  6. So update time, got back into the garage today to make some more progress. First job was to continue with the dash board mounts and steering rack. Firstly, the bit I've been dreading! The two dashboard side mounts... I cut out the stumps left by the previous owner and refitted the ones from my old shell. All I can say is I wouldn't wish this job on my worst enermy! Its an absolute pig to get into. The angle grinder doesn't fit, the drill doesn't fit... To remove them from the old shell I had to cut most of the A pillars out! Then I sliced off the unwanted metal on the bench and welded them
  7. I'd thought about painting it, maybe just painting the centre cap or possibly a black centre... but I'll see what it looks like once everything is in place. Hoping the hood and trim etc might tone it down. it's sits flush when the bolts are tight which helps, it's just sat loose for now while fitting pipes. As for the welding, the grinder hides a multitude of sins! Need thinner wire as 0.8 is a little meaty for such thin steel. Still, it'll hold!
  8. Thanks mate, yes those are some kind of Audi door handles... but I'm not sure which!!   So, cracked on with some bits yesterday. Planning to get the shell away soon to get it sorted out so have started to crack on sorting some of the more annoying bits and bobs. The shell came fitted with a full R32 interior which the guy I bought it from kept to sell on, I've just purchased a slightly tatty but saveable rivage interior to go in its place but before anything gets trial fitted I need to sort out this Some, what can only be described as… very keen welding has been going on!
  9. So, finally its update time. Since I was last on here a lot has changed... I lost my decent garage due to moving. The new man cave is currently a work in progress as its basically a large shed with a dirt floor and no power... it'll do just now but plans are afoot! Firstly my old cabby shell now looks like this... Sadly, half way through I found even more terminal rot then my skills could handle but luckily I found a new shell to play with. Its nice and straight and a lovely colour (canyon red apparently) but does need some touch ups done, need a bonnet too as the last one had a bi
  10. Sounds interesting, I'll look into that. It's just this engine is JezzaG60's old one. It's was running a toothed setup originally and I'm hoping to run it to as close to the same species as I can.
  11. Yeah, I'll sort some out and add them to my build thread which is in serious need of an update!!
  12. As title, looking for a toothed belt kit to run on my newly acquired 16vg60.
  13. Sent you a PM mate, can you let me know if this is still available.
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