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Dan moody

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  1. Dan moody

    bam 225 in a rallye

    phill at milltek out the back door lol. but i do get some bits from jetex in the post
  2. Dan moody

    emerald map and bam set up

    hi dude this sound like under fueling i bet u was running a 3bar FPR and you need a 4bar on it to run 280hp on standed injecters
  3. Dan moody

    bam 225 in a rallye

    hope this helps
  4. Dan moody

    2nd UK Rallye Golf Meet 5th August

    1. Kenny - G60 Rallye 2. Mark - G60 Rallye 3. Bob - G60 Rallye 4. Hamish - G60 Rallye 5. Phil - G60 Rallye (G**9 W*K) 6. Ellis - G60 Rallye 7. Bailey - G60 Rallye (aslong as its running) 8. Dave - G60 Rallye 9. Rob-G60 rallye 10. Dave (carsciroccoman) G60 Rallye G71 EJH 11. Mak - G60 Rallye (pending job/time off) 12. Jim-G60 rallye (G***BBM) 13. Simon Standard G60 Rallye ( Event Organiser ) 14. Mark- G60 Rallye ( From Holland ) 15. Steve - G60 Rallye 16. Jody - G60 Rallye (A7 G** - in my sig) 17. Wayne - G60 Motorsport Rallye 18. Geoff - G60 Rallye (GRM ***V) 19.Gareth-rallye g60 (H!!! VSH) 20. Jason G60 Syncro 21. kally - 20vt rallye (G***CLH) plate may change 22. Eric - G60 Rallye 23. AJ-G60 (H*** CDM) 24.Dan Moody 20vt Rallye(G627CLH)
  5. Dan moody

    Mk2 20v Boost Problems

    i would say the same if you have tried every thing else. good luck dude :rolleyes
  6. Dan moody

    20vt electric cooling pump for turbo

    i think i have one will have a look tomoz, you do mean the after run water pump??, i removed it from a 225 tt engine that i fitted into a mk3 i have never run them if that helps
  7. Dan moody

    s3 BAM engine - Boost hose?

    i cant under stand how it can collapse???? split yes, i have not had any problem with mine but know the inlet to the turbo can collapse on full boost if that helps
  8. Dan's mk3 golf 20vt running for the first time sounds so cool to me :D :D watch the vid the vid
  9. Dan moody

    mk2 bottom arms

    thanks mate :D
  10. Dan moody

    mk2 bottom arms

    please help! Are mk2 bottom amrs the same as the Rallye arms?
  11. Dan moody

    wheel that look good on the rallye

    sorry lads but my budget dont stretch that far :( i have £600 wheels only
  12. Dan moody

    wheel that look good on the rallye

    im not sure, i think a deep dish would look good
  13. i have just got hold of a rallye and im looking into getting some wheels for it and a coilovers, how much should i lower it and what wheels to get :D ????????????????? pics will help.
  14. Dan moody

    G60 SYNCRO

    G60 Syncro in RED the best one i have seen
  15. Dan moody

    Rallye wings

    so thats why carbon prices are so high :angry: richard has got back to me but he's not making them at the mo :(