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  1. dickytrickster

    Golf Rallye (low Km's)

    Deposit taken,thanks James
  2. dickytrickster

    Golf Rallye (low Km's)

    All pm's replied to. Thanks for all the part exchange offers but I'm only after a cash sale. I've also had a few people asking if I would break the car, but under no circumstances will I be breaking the car. I'm open to offers for a quick sale. Thanks Rich
  3. dickytrickster

    Golf Rallye (low Km's)

    You have pm mate
  4. dickytrickster

    Golf Rallye (low Km's)

    Hi guys I've decide it's time to put my Rallye up for sale. It's clipperjays Old car. I've owned the car for 51/2 year in which time I have only done about 200miles in the car that include collecting it! The Rallye was imported in 2007 by jay and I'm the second owner. The car has covered 108,309km and comes with history. It has the original vw service book and i have all the paperwork from jays ownership including all mot's.since I have owned the car it has been sorn! The car is quite standard with a few little touches. It has Porsche brake conversion,17" autec wheels, Porsche scripted handles, xenon headlight conversion and kW v2 Coilovers. Other than that the car is standard. It is Schwartz black with electric window and mirrors all work fine,sunroof. The bad point of the car is the body work! It's was vandalised back in 2012 when some low life scum broke in to the units where the car was stored. The car was the only thing in there so they decided they would key nearly every panel on the car and crack the windscreen! Gutted! The bodywork was in good condition with only a few little marks and very solid prior to this,both sills are starting to show signs off bubbling. Other than that the car looks solid. It has just had a new fuel pump and filter fitted and the mechanic also said it looked good on the underside. This is one thing I thought I would never do but since buying the car 2 children have arrived and my other car sort of took over! I'm not too sure about this still but I thought I would put it out there and see if anyone is interested. Price wise I'm going to say £7500 ono Located just outside Maidstone Kent. Cheers Rich
  5. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat material

  6. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat material

    Still have 4m available. Cheers Rich
  7. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat material

    Bump, any takers for 2m or it all?
  8. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat material

    It's a reproduction made using a sample of the original material to get it exact. You can't get the original Rallye material it was discontinued.
  9. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat material

    Hi guys I was part of the group buy for the Rallye seat material. ive got 4m of it that I can't see me using anytime soon! I'm not looking to make any money on it so I'm asking £230(firm) posted to UK mainland. Located in Maidstone, Kent
  10. dickytrickster

    Wanted standard Rallye seats

    Thanks for the reply's guys. I have door cards just after the seats. Vwgolfg60 can you put done pictures up of your please and how much you are wanting for them please? Cheers Rich
  11. dickytrickster

    Wanted standard Rallye seats

    Hi guys I'm after some stand Rallye seats if anyone has any kicking about! Cheers Rich
  12. dickytrickster

    Rallye seat fabric

    [indent=1]Can you put me down for 4m please[/indent]
  13. dickytrickster

    Going to collect my new Rallye tomorrow

    4k! sounds like you got a bargin there mate,looking forward to the pictures.Where did you find the Rallye?
  14. dickytrickster


    Good man I may have a bit of the seat fabric to replace the bit with the damage on,if you wanted to mate?