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  1. sweetmk1dub

    voltage drop on injector rail

    Hi, was this ever fixed in the end? I'm having literally the exact same voltage issues with my mk1 g60 conversion Cheers
  2. It's the one that joins the bottom of radiator to the metal water pipe. Anyone have one they don't need? It'll be the last piece of the puzzle to finish off this mk1 g60 before I can attempt to get it running Cheers, Karl
  3. sweetmk1dub

    What lambda do I need?

    Hi all, I bought a part built mk1 g60 a few years ago and I'm finally getting around to doing something with it. The loom had already been done (dubiously ) so I've ripped it apart to put the ecu inside the car and all is good. Now the car doesn't have a lambda fitted yet and I will need to pick one up for this plug (it's different to the lambda plug on another loom I have so there must be different types). Does anyone have a part number for me? Cheers, Karl
  4. sweetmk1dub

    Hello all, it's been a while.

    I know that feeling mate, average 60hrs a week at work and when I'm at home i have my 2 boys keeping me busy. Parked the red one up after edition and it has sat there since so my new years resolution is more time in the garage. Going to spend a few days tinkering next week ( on the red one but will give the cabby a proper once over) will put up a bit more of a comprehensive list of jobs to do for everyone to laugh at After 14/15 hardtops, it's about time I had a cab, you put leather in yours didn't you? Will see you soon Rob, hope you and the family had a good Xmas. Cheers again. Karl
  5. sweetmk1dub

    Hello all, it's been a while.

    Spot on that is Rob, i will give you a bell soon. Will probably ask you to come and have a nosey at some point too to give me a few tips as this thing is like a big jigsaw puzzle at the moment and it's been around 7 years since I last messed with a g60. Sprinter intercooler will wedge in there provided i don't try to use a front grille with fog lights fitted so that is a bonus but I've heard a certain landrover one works well too. Gvb are all good, I don't get up there as much as I used to due to my crazy work hours but I hope to change that in new year. Who do folks use for charger rebuilds now that g-werks has gone? I'm in no huge rush to get this one usable, engine in the red mk1 needs a rebuild first. Don't suppose you have any cabby bits hoarded from back when you broke up one do you?
  6. sweetmk1dub

    Hello all, it's been a while.

    Cheers Rob. Intercooler options and sourcing a replacement g60 loom and ecu and mk1 loom and breaking out the soldering iron will be first port of call, I'm sure that you recognise the car.
  7. sweetmk1dub

    Hello all, it's been a while.

    Hi everyone. I'm Karl from West Midlands. I registered here nearly 11 years ago with dreams of building a g60 mk1 but everything got in the way, house, work, kids etc I bought a project mk1 5 years back with the intention of giving it a g60 engine but after finding out the engine in that one is a genuine oettinger jobby I couldn't bring myself to rip it apart. Step forward to yesterday and I have this delivered It's already got the g60 in place, rallye u bend on the charger etc but it's definitely a project. Needs the plumbing and wiring doing, new roof, full interior has it doesn't have any. It did come with a corrado workshop manual though which i couldn't get hold of back when I had a g60 corrado I'm going to be picking at your brains when I get stuck in as it needs lots. Hope you like
  8. sweetmk1dub

    g60 ecu

    that one has already been sold, :headbang:
  9. sweetmk1dub

    g60 ecu

    good point, i have thrown this question to darren, lets see if hes come across this fault before :rolleyes: theres a g60 ecu in the classifieds on another forum, might just get that to save the messing about
  10. sweetmk1dub

    g60 ecu

    i would but if its a fault with my ecu thats knackered the chip i wouldnt want to plug his chip into my ecu just incase his chip goes pop too., especially as hes got his car up for sale at the moment
  11. sweetmk1dub

    g60 ecu

    right have had my car on the rollers again today (91 g60 with standard recently rebuilt charger, 68mm pulley, sns chip), and it made a poxy 145 bhp, running flat until about 4.5k revs.. ive had my suspicions about this ecu for ages now but have done the usual checks first to rule out the simple stuff, changed the temp sensors, 1m vac pipe, had all timing checked,had the crank bolt changed for a dx one etc.. i borrowed a mates ecu while on the rollers and plugged it in for a run (this ecu also has an sns chip) and it made a tidy 187bhp (thats more like it ) so obviously the fault is with the ecu/chip/mapping. do you guys think that if i sent my ecu away for a remap it would make things all ok or does it sound like a shagged ecu thats not worth bothering with? let me know what you think. karl.
  12. sweetmk1dub

    knocking noice from my charger!!!!

    well the old raddo got me there safely, ive done around 800 miles this weekend :-) darren is the man!! sorted out my charger, new cambelt and a few other bits and bobs and she runs like a dream chuffed to bits, cheers fella. karl.
  13. sweetmk1dub

    knocking noice from my charger!!!!

    my charger is making a knocking noise too, but only at around 3k revs ad over but im risking a 4hr drive to darren with it this friday for some attention, lets hope the old girl stays in 1 piece
  14. sweetmk1dub

    mk1 g60

    yeah but that one was a little bit special, not your average mk1 g60. just looking for a rough price guide for a "tidy" mk1 g60
  15. sweetmk1dub

    mk1 g60

    hi all, if you have read my post in the welcome section you will know that im about to start my g60 mk1 project. ive worked out that this project will cost me between £4500 and £5000 so just out of curiosity, what sort of prices have mk1 g60's been going for lately as it might be worth me just getting rid of the kit i have and just buying a ready done one. thanks, karl.