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  1. hello buddy how are things got quite a few projects on the go what you playing with now say hello mate 07494283310




  2. Hello Guys !   Thought I'd catch up with all the knowledgeable folk on here.   Only driven about 200 miles since the works that were undertaken in 2012/2013.   I believe I bought it in 1995 with about 92K miles on it and now its at 108K if I remember correctly.   Its been parked up securely underground.   I will try and do some more more work on the suspension / chassis this summer hopefully.   Also get the body / paint looked at and most likely sorted out where necessary.   When is the annual meet up north ?   Thanks
  3. Haha Yes !   I was just about to write : OK.....Slateford Wins !
  4.   Interesting !! I believe I was there myself with my Rallye too !!     Lol those were the days !!
  5. ukg60

    New Dub

    Welcome along !!!
  6. Simon's Rallye really was something else 16 years ago...   My Rallye which was around at the same time, also a UK car, was just mediocre in comparison.   His interior was splendid, his brakes, suspension and bodywork just made us all awe in admiration !   You just needed to be there at the time.....(16 years ago)..Yikes !
  7.   HEY !!   I know Simon !  I knew him from way back in his Rallye days, and I agree his rallye was MINT !! Had Air Con, ABT susension (iirc) Wilwood Brakes etc etc   Funnily enough I am in touch with him through BMW circles and he has a lovely Alpina V8S Touring !   Great chap !
  8. You da man :)   What an amazing thread / build / labour of love............ you have going on here !
  9. Nothing much more to report here guys other than I have been driving it around a bit including a blast down to Hungerford to see my mates including Ben who has the immaculate white stripped out Rallye......   No issues whatsover and I am quite surprised by the turn off pace and cruising ability on offer from my stock pulley'd albeit uprated G60.   So the next phase will be the chassis....... All bushes will be replaced (aiming for OEM or uprated OEM bushes throughout, as I haven't been a great fan of polyurethane bushes considering the road performance requirements), springs and dampers (my AVO coilovers fitted in 1998) will most likely be replaced or refurbished, suspension arms will be looked into too (although this whole rebuild project is not, YET, about the cosmetic stuff).   Plenty more phases to come in due time though amongst which will be interior and exterior reformation....   Totally loving driving a MK2 Golf around again after many many years !
  10. I need a set of these too !   Cheers guys !