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  1. Thanks Slateford, 2nd hand ones on ebay are around that price, makes a new one good value.
  2. Hello, I'm after the square breather that attaches to the cam cover. And I'm also after a performance G60 Cam, ideally a Newman cam to pistops developements spec. Please email oldkoolgolf@hotmail.com Thanks
  3. Hello, Does anyone know the correct piston ring gaps for a stock G60? Thanks
  4. That's good news. With a project it always amazes me how much all the little trims, bolts and fixings add up.
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-G60-Rallye-Golf-Airbox-Complete-/132075816570?hash=item1ec055067a:g:tn8AAOSwo4pYiQe9 This has got to be a typo with the decimal point in the wrong place. I must have over £1000 worth of plastic airboxes "dumped" somewhere in my garage.
  6. Thanks maks-G60, I'll send you a message on ebay
  7. Hi, I'm after a complete G60 engine setup. Including charger all pipework ecu and loom. If its modded even better. oldskoolgolf@hotmail.com Thanks
  8. Love the rear subframe. Did you do many calculations or simulations to decide on the geometry?
  9. Bartek.   Don'y buy cheap ones off ebay.de, they'll leak again very quickly
  10.   Hi, Did it sell in the end?   If not I will take it.   Cheers
  11.   Yeah thats a 02S gearbox. Although you need to add a speedometer drive. Try googling it, there should be some information around on it.   If you just want different ratios use a diesel box, There are loads of 02A and 02J gearboxes to choose from. Or you can even use a bluemotion box, for very low rev cruising, probably to much for a g60.
  12. That would be great thanks. I've struggled to find them in the past.
  13.   Is your problem still no fuel and spark?   You should have 12v at the rail on initial power up it will then go until you start cranking. If you don't get 12v at the rail while cranking and no spark. I would be looking at the hall sender, or the wiring to it.    Is your coil and ignition amp all wired up correctly? And can you confirm your fuel pump relay number.
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