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  1. Furk'z

    VW Corrado VR6 1996

    the car is stunning
  2. Furk'z

    Rallye Golf - Tornado red

    i want it. beautiful
  3. Furk'z

    Ultimate Dubs

    congrats to kenneth and richard both awesome rallye's.... was soo wishing dave's would be next but didnt work out this time round... need more carbon eh dave ;-)
  4. Furk'z

    Do people have no imagination?

    really liking the BMW colour
  5. Furk'z

    The Southern Contingent

    quality needs a roll cage though :D
  6. Furk'z

    Uber low cars

    true, but than your breaking the speed limits... low cars are safer on the road :smartass:
  7. Furk'z

    Oil cooler!

    had a 19 row mocal on my rado,, one of the best things i ever got to be honest... 10/40 synta silver and an 3k oil change kept things running smooth
  8. theres a good selection of motor factors that deal direct with bosch cheaper too, where i got mine
  9. Furk'z

    Uber low cars

    the porsche is a very DF car the attention to detail is shockingly good. look at the inner arches for a start... stance well hmm your gonna love darrens then HAHA
  10. Furk'z

    NEW online VW magazine

    tyre strect calc is a bit puzzling tbh, but the rest of the sit is banging, i love it
  11. Furk'z

    Uber low cars

    disfuss hmm
  12. Furk'z


    i hope their not doing a proper job.. otherwise it be a very long failure sheet lol
  13. Furk'z

    Uber low cars

    dunno if its on coils and in the US it maybe ok but i would hate to drive a powerful car with air
  14. Furk'z


    most mot stations have drive on ramps, never had a prob with this. never had helpers either
  15. Furk'z

    Uber low cars

    Mak i hear what your saying but the wheels are too narrow... ive actually raised to front an inch but it still looks the same.. thing is with the audi if you raise it too much "I" think it instantly looks crap. i just like my cars low. i even think the corrado wasnt low enough at the back but hey that car was banging cat eyes on the way back from MIVW so cant really comment on that one. tell you one thing i think if i still had the rado it wouldnt look low compared to half the cars out there this badboy bimmer matt lol.. i love it because its awesome as a ornament. but driving it would be a bit tricky no doubt. anyways its prob on air