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  1. wow what a start! love the garage buddy, wish i had a lift
  2. Sold the engine, built a 1.8t twin scroll fitted it, pulled it out to raise the engine mounts and paint the bay, now sorting out swapping in my PD TDI engine from my mk2 as the shell is not so great on that and my mk1 is in great condition, means i will actually use the mk1 daily again  :yahoo: Also there is the small matter of 283hp and 415lbft which goes well in the mk2 but would go better in the mk1 :smartass:
  3. Dropped the price again to £2250 ono as I want it gone and there is no point in it just sitting here doing nothing. Make me an offer and it could be yours
  4. hehehe, awesome, cool to see it move, how long off an mot? I'll meet u for some smokey fun if u want? lol
  5. Hmm, not sure on this one, there is a lot of adjust-ability on the alternator so potentially there could be some room, but without seeing the PS set up I couldn't say. Anyway its all about electric PS now isn't it?
  6. price drop to £2400 ono as i want it gone. realy is only worth what you guys want to pay for it so don't be shy
  7. awsome work you guys, loved reading the feature in PVW, nice to see something different
  8. Here I have my 16vG60 for sale. The story goes that I built this 4 years ago (how time flies)and in that time i have become the proud and sometimes distressed father of 2 whih has taken up all my time and hence not completing my build (never thought I would be typing this ). This was all fitted into my mk1 but never wired in, I then lost the use of the garage and the car was put into a single car garage. I now find myself in the position of having to sell this unfortunately. The spec is as follows and there were no corners cut as this was the engine I would be using on a daily basis so want
  9. Good luck with your project, i understand why u are doing as do most on here and its a shame someone wants stick their oar in frankly be rude about what you are doing. Keep the pics coming, i don't come on here much now but will check on this one as it sounds that bit different.
  10. awesome, great work, big fan of your bro's polo too, let me know if he ever wants to sell it :)
  11. Yep, not much time atm, so text me and i'll send u some
  12. Its pretty much time to sell my mk2 now. Reason for selling, just moving house and want to put the money towards finishing my mk1. The car is a 90 spec pearl grey 3 dr in good condition. This is the Grant Parker built mk2 for anyone that remembers it. Since I have had it I have been systematically fixing all the things that were wrong with it when I bought it. It has had: 1. full re-wire 2. Chassis leg welded and strengthened for the 6 speed box it runs. 3. Southbend stage 4 solid billet flywheel and clutch (£1k+ )rated to 450lbft 4. New big FMI and all pipework re routed. 5. New Sens
  13. Just thought i would add a couple of lines to end this off.It has had alot more bits done, rewired by daz, g60 brakes, new coilovers and arbs. Was mapped by stealth with a boost leak it made 210hp 300lbft, i was a bit disapointed but since lwearnig more about it, it makes sense as the turbo is still pulling at 5k when the stock breathing is restricting any more revs. It has been faultless since, not had a chance to do a rwyb since the map, but it had gained 40hp with it son should be nearer to this run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1PTuaEm4eM Up for sale soon :(
  14. i was reasonably impressed yes :lol: Hence the 16vg60 will be up for sale soon to be replaced with something similar ^_^
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