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  1. I`ve not really thought about that will yet i have added another car to look at though as i`m a massive Ayrton Senna fan i maybe tempted with an old skool NSX.
  2. So with the Edition One coming along nicely and nearing it`s finish i need something else to occupy my time with. I`ve had a look at a few cars over the last 2-3 weeks and have narrowed it down to 3 Audi RS2 UR Quattro 1987> ideally so i get the 2.2 20v and other spec upgrades from the 10v pre 85 cars Audi S3 BAM engined facelift The RS2 i would do OEM+ the UR Quattro i would ideally love to do a SWB conversion and the S3 i would homolgate into a track/hillclimb special.............Whats your opinions guys
  3. Haven`t been on here for ages and have loads of updates car is currently at the bodyshop having a respray all glass has beem taken out new bonded windscreen ordered, a little bit of repair being done due to rust on scuttle once windscreen was removed. Rest of the bodywork has all been prepped ready for paint this week. Once the car is back i have a new headlining to install ordered from Close Classics https://closeclassic.com/golf-2/633-ciel-de-toit-golf-2-vinyle-origine-vw.html I also have my Votex centre console to install and wire in as well as some digifiz mini gauges i am in too minds as to flock the dash or not. Last bit i`m looking for is someone how could produce the Edition One bonnet sticker.
  4. Absolute disaster over the weekend new fibreglass headlining is really bad, company I have brought it from have been excellent though and are going to take it back and refund me.
  5. New votex centre console once new carpet is here I will get fitting
  6. So car hasn’t been used really for 18mths been in the garage absolutely gutted that when I took it out the lacquer has started to peel on the bonnet so definitely respray yime have the car booked in with PhirmFX beginning of June. Whilst of the road I have been acquiring many parts for the rebuild New headlining made from fibreglass trimmed in original fabric Fitted SWG twin cone induction kit with SWG cold air feed Shrick cam kit and ported polished big valve head Red top injectors, SNS stage 5 anti lag chip Vortex centre console TT exhaust race header BBM fuel rail just gonna decide whether to go G65 charger, but might wait till next year. I will update with pics soon
  7. Hello, anybody know any websites that still do exterior trims for Mk2 Golf can§t seem to find them on VW heritage anymore need 3dr door/side trims form my G60 can find the 5door.
  8. I've got both just haven't managed to get one off them off as no way off getting socket onto it due to chassis leg being in the way
  9. Hello guys anyone replaced both the plastic idlers before on the aux belt, I have re replaced all the other pulleys with alloy ones i.e crank pulley, alternator and water pump and noticed that there was a bit of roughness in both the plastics idlers one come of with the tensioner, but the other I have no way of getting a socket on it do u need to jack the engine up to remove it
  10. Been fairly busy with car will need to upload some pics, finally got a new exhaust went custom made in the end tailpipe is similar to mk5\6 golf. Replaced all the pulleys on the drivebelt with billet ones from Germany. Car is now coming of the road for winter where I will split my BBS RM's and fit the radinox dishes I've had for the last month along with some Eagle F1 GSD3 tyres I've gone 8.5 on the front and 9 on the back 195/45/15. Currently undecided as to whether to respray car over the winter or not..........will keep you guys posted with anymore updates
  11. What are you guys running tyre wise my G60 is In need of some new boots
  12. I have a jabbasport stage 4 charger rebuilt bout 600-700 miles ago but about 2 years ago I think, haven't driven the car much and have noticed a screech for want of a better word under heavy acceleration like a belt slipping but could be more sinister any ideas..........
  13. So lots been done in the past few weeks even though car looks no different really. New outer cv joints (GKN), power steering pump & pulley, aux belts, clutch slave & master cylinders replaced, sunroof seal, new hella RHD headlights, 160mph clocks to convert from KPH not yet fitted, o.e oil temp/press & coolant temp sensor don't trust the aftermarket ones, full service, poly bushes for rear axle and top mounts. Going on holiday to Miami now for 2 weeks and when I come back got all boost hoses and coolant hoses to replace with silicone ones, new exhaust to fit ordered a miltek classic system and a supersprint system not sure which one I like the look of most with the tailpipe design, but the Jetex system has got to go!!!!!