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    I have a pair of fronts that I would consider selling if my Rallye sells in the coming few weeks. Otherwise I am hanging on to them while I convince myself I am nuts to sell it and I should be keeping it! drop me a PM with your contact details and I will send you pics/details.
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    hi , new to the forum but have been in and out of the dub scene the last 12 years or so.   Basically starting off with a mk2 golf as a first car back in the day, its kind of stuck! Had a fair few mk2s in the past but have held onto my current mk2 for nearly 10 year. It started off as a 1.8 automatic 3 door shell, which was mated with a 5door syncro. The end product was a 4wd 3 door shell which was painted black.   The motor was out of a seat leon cupra, 1.8 20vt. This was taken from my previous shell which had a disagreement with a barrier and sadly lost.   Back in the day there wasnt much which would keep up with a mk2 golf with approx 280bhp of useable power. As the years have gone by i thought it was now time for more power. Lots of ideas and plans were made, lots of different alternatives, different engines etc. We seemed to settle on a rebuild for the 20vt. This way or that way we seemed to end up looking at a rebuild. Until we sourced an audi rs3 2.5 tsfi engine.   The project is only just starting to take shape but i will update every couple of weeks or so to show the progress. Are there any other out there that have done the conversion? I can only find a few.   Heres some pictures,   20vt about to be removed     Strip down well underway     old vs new     offering the tfsi up     weighing up how much of the offside leg requires removing      Thats all the pictures i have for the time being. The offside leg has been cut out and re strengthened. Just currently welding the mount bracket in place. Nearside is also well on the way now, hopefully have both mounts all welded up for next weekend    
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    Do you keep a build thread anywhere else? Would be nice to see some details on what you did for the conversion, ECU, clocks, wiring, flywheel, clutch, gearbox etc.