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    • Guest RobertRog
      Volkswagen Mk2 Golf Gti G60
      By: Guest RobertRog · 06/02/2016
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    • Volkswagon Golf Rallye
      By: BigColz · 03/04/2014
      Will it bump start? If you post in the 'supercharged' section on the forum you'll get a lot more help..
    • Guest
      Volkswagon Golf Rallye
      By: Guest · 03/03/2014
      hi, cud u help me!, my rallye as cutout an wilnot start.. it did it a cuple ov times wen I just got in an went to get sum peky. but I left it for 10mins an it was ok. but naw nuffin. I got in an got to the bottom ov my rd an it cutout an now it wilnot start.
    • Volkswagen Mk2 Golf Rallye G60
      By: JamesG60 · 09/17/2013
    • Volkswagen Mk2 Golf Rallye G60
      By: valekk · 09/16/2013
      nice car man and congrats for the work have you got a garage ??? i just bought a G60 EO1 and i need some work done because i dont have the tools for some of the tasks lol am in southampton so not to far from you if you got spare time thanks