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  2. Couple more parts added to the list! lhd heater matrix, 1H1819031B (Hella 8FH 351 001-611) Brake pressure regulator 357612151 (ATE 03.6584-0015.3) ........................................................................................................................... 357721261A Clutch slave cylinder 357721401 Clutch master cylinder (ATE 03.2419-9310.3) 191957803E Speedometer cable 171919379A External temperature sensor 191121253AL Radiator 580 x 304 x 33 mm
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  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/384403852986551
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-Mk2-G60/114490992313?hash=item1aa831e6b9:g:zZoAAOSwQrpfnFu1 Rarely available well-running original G60. Mechanically it's really good, it's been a daily driver this year with no problems. It needs cosmetic work interior and exterior - you can see paintwork in photos - but bodywork sound. I love this car but I don't have the capacity to give it the attention it deserves. It's great to drive, makes me smile every time I do, but I'd like it to go to someone who wants to finish the project. I've priced it reasonably, it's a bargain for a rare model. Mileage
  6. so, i started with a mini metro, then a 1300 mk2 golf, mk1 gti, mk2 gti, g60, rallye, VR6, S4, Ibiza TDI, 330d M Sport and currently in a 335d M Sport. there a mk1 polo in there and a 200sx and a few beaters, but thats the list. i regret never having a corrado cos i love the looks, but the one i drove (@henny) just didnt grab me (seating position).
  7. ASU final drive for the Rallye Golf. This is the early one without shared gearbox oilways, 02C 409 107A, so up to 28/05/89; No damage but will need new bearings and adjusting washers for the driveshaft and pinion carrier covers. Does include the VW obsolete bearing 084 311 123G. 2 on eBay at the moment for £200 and £600. Looking for £130.
  8. I can only presume the additional oil feed to the balance shaft is to reduce heat in that area seams a bit OTT
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/260752895351889 Seller's description Golf Ralliye Left Hand Drive 140km / 91k miles
  10. Thomas Theibach has a nice video of his G70 supercharger, although in German, but shows it running in his Caddy. At ~ 10mins
  11. Looking on the Roettle Racing site, they offer a G60 supercharger made from a customers undamaged casing halves and their Motorsport Scroll. What's interesting is they supply it with a plumbed in oil feed to the bearings normally lubricated with grease. https://roettele-racing.de/g-lader/g-lader-komplett/rundstreckenlader-g60-mit-motorsportverdraenger-rs-bearbeitet-mit-angelieferten-teilen Also they have pictures of a G75 supercharger from, by the looks of the casing, was in development around 2018 but not currently available. https://roettele-racing.de/g-lader/g-lader-komplett/
  12. Austin Mini City E Mini Studio 2 Austin Mini Pickup (pics attached) Rover Mini Cooper S (pics attached) Mk2 Golf GTi Rallye Golf Mk4 Golf V6 4Motion x2 Mk2 Golf G60 Ed1 (Build forum)
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vw-mk2-golf-gti-g60-five-door/264903790392?hash=item3dad7f0f38%3Ag%3AibYAAOSwgMpfjBQV&LH_ItemCondition=4 Original VW golf gti g60 five door with loads of history in need of tlc wants a charger rebuild rolling road 213bhp new stainless steel exhaust top end rebuild 500 mile ago all parts from bartek motorsport. Bbs rm not included cash on collection no swaps no px spare bumpers and other trim full ultraviolet interior plus full leather interior door trim extra.
  14. Before I started to drive VW's, I was seriously into the Classic Mini's having owned a Mini Pickup and a Rover Mini Cooper S conversion 79. I have been having a clean up and advertised some books for sale elsewhere but added them here to keep the site ticking over. I will dig out some photos and post. £45
  15. German for sale site has the Rallye Golf Recaro's up for £5000. Makes the bumpers look cheap.
  16. A bit of a long shot, does a one know what gearbox would be used for a R32 conversion into the Rallye. This would be retaining the Syncro system and not the DSG route? I know mk3 VR6 syncro boxes may have been an option but finding one will be a difficult feat. I’m just considering options for the rallye: rebuilt 1H Rallye Engine (Bored out And G65) vs Tuned R32.
  17. Massive effort going into this, good on you pal. I look forward to reading the updates!
  18. That’s a great car you hhave there. Get it back on the road...he says as my cars been parked in a garage for 7 years!
  19. and therein lies the problem with this market. there are people willing to drop large amounts of money into them fully armed with the knowledge they'll double that just to get the car right. 3k for the bumpers? worlds gone mad.
  20. keep working on him. especially if you're ready to put money into a project and he isnt. offer him dibs when you sell it!!!
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Golf-Gti-G60-1990/124374891013?hash=item1cf5523a05:g:BGkAAOSwtzVfgG~k This is a lovely example of a 1990 Golf Mk2 G60 in the sought after Royal blue metallic with Blue Recaro seats.It also has genuine BBS wheels fitted. It has been very well cared for and has extensive service history plus stacks of receipts for work carried out. The Supercharger has been reconditioned and it has a full stainless exhaust system fitted. This vehicle was originally registered in Germany then imported to the UK. The Tacho is in KM. This car drives really well and is
  22. Well, the bare fr/rear bumpers are worth £3k, Rallye front is worth £1500+ so I’d say its worth a bit more than £5k..
  23. Hi everyone long time no posts 😂 going to be building my engine over the winter so will be doing updates as it happens😁 and I have to say it’s nice to be documenting it on and old school forum 👌🏻
  24. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1268659 Rarely available running G60 LHD, MOT until Feb 2021. Mechanically really good, it's been a daily driver during lockdown, needs cosmetic work interior and exterior but bodywork sound. I love this car but I don't have the capacity to give it the attention it deserves. It's great to drive but I'd like it to go to someone who wants to finish the project. I am open to sensible offers. Minor defects from last MOT all fixed: CV joint replaced Registration lamp fixed Both steering-rack gaiters replaced Other recent work (Aug & Sept 202
  25. Paul Gough on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/paul.gough.39794/
  26. Wow, nice to look back at these pictures lost most of them) I've still got the car, but it's still not seen the road. Hopefully I'll get around to doing a bit more on it over the next month or so 🙈
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