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  2. Thanks, the buyer of the side windows has taken the rear one as well and thinks he can repair it.
  3. sold
  4. My G60 had a CNC head, and it made one hell of a difference from the P&P head I had on it before... They are kinda expensive though, but if you're after getting every last bit of power out of your engine, it's the only way to go.... I do know that JMR used to do P&P headwork and got some good results.... probably worth giving John a ring if you decide that the CNC head option is too much... http://www.johnmitchellracing.co.uk/
  5. also, 83mm doesn't leave an awful lot of meat on the bores, especially as it's a forced induction engine..... 82.5 is a good overbore size for the 1H and PG blocks... :)
  6. If solder doesn't sort it, I'd go with some heated screen repair paint under it to make the electrical contact between the two, then a thin layer of araldite over the top of it to bond it back on and make it stay put....
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  8. I thought I would post an update for the benefit of anyone replacing their 580mm rad in the future. I bought the Van Wezel / International Radiators part (58002123) off ebay and have been very pleased with it. It fitted well, with the holes lining up with the intercooler perfectly. One of the little stubs on the bottom that locate in the crossmember was a little bit out so I just cut it down a bit. Otherwise it fits and works well.
  9. Check out these guys https://www.teiledirekt.de/Login
  10. looking at letting my complete conversion go, what should i be looking at advertising it for??
  11. not been on here for a long while but this is what i was going to ask, currently still not got the G60 running in the mk1 but picked up a cheap 20vt for a future project but now contemplating what engine to use..... not got alot of tme available so i need to pull my finger out and see what route i want to take but it looks like the G60 will be up for sale to make way for the 20vt
  12. Besides my 2013 Volkswagen Golf R, I also own a 2011 Ford Ranger XLT. I am currently online window shopping for a set of rims for my truck. What do you guys think of this Moto Metal Wheels' glossy black MO400 milled rims?
  13. http://www.realoem.me/Volkswagen/RDW/GO/1991/110/R/7/711/124000
  14. Any use? https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/abs-sensor.html Or here under ATE ABS sensor achteras. http://www.ruudsshop.com/products.php?subcatid=33&cats=42&cat=&subcat=Rallye Golf
  15. Thank you very much for the link pal..
  16. Nice! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. I will try and put some up
  18. Anyone knows the front and rear ABS sensors are interchangable on the Rallye? Its now the second time I bought one from ebay and it does not resemble the one that came of the car. The one on the car resembles identical to these like in the front http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/371890261224 But when i buy the ones for the rear ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222354444280?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT they dont fit, they got that extra black thingy on the back of the sensor (slighty lager ) Should i just buy a set for the front and put them in the back. Would that work?
  19. Any update on this project?
  20. No takers again on fleabay. Looks like a bonus ball draw for it.
  21. Sake, you spent so long building this. I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate the work you have put into it.
  22. Sure I saw a green one the other day for 42000 euro, had a fresh full rebuild. Red one up for 18000 euro, Dave's one up for offers of about 20000£ and theres a black one as well for near 24000£ Higher priced ones don't seem to be selling easy, but i suppose it depends on what folk want, a trailer car, garage ornament or something to go out and enjoy most days
  23. Welcome Richard. Any photos?
  24. mind me asking what kind of money they charge for a g60 8v head jonk?
  25. Go for 3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Tube. It's the best. I ordered mine through Amazon.
  26. Lovely looking thing. Nice and clean under the arches. Do you ever drive the thing!! GLWS James.
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