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  2. So I'm a bit confused and wanted to know if anyone on here might be able to answer this questions. Im building a 16vg60 ABA/ABF 2.0 motor I've been looking online for brackets and not sure how different these are from the motor mount part of it on a mk1 standpoint. please feel free to comment as I'm looking for advice before i make final purchase. here are two photos of 2.0 bracket and 1.8 bracket. so I'm confused on which to order and two different companies including Gladen didn't know either. PLEASE HELP
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  4. Radinox dishes removed, so these are now split with standard dishes, £650
  5. BBS RM 012 In need of a refurb, they have been sitting for a while Staggered dishes, 2 are radinox, the other 2 are not stamped. Centre caps with the wheels Located in Montrose but can courier if required. £750
  6. Edition 1 door cards in good condition £250 Can post at buyers risk. Located in Montrose.
  7. Looking for a G60 HIGH transmission tunnel BLUE Edition ONE carpet please. If anyone has one for sale or sees one for sale give me a shout please. Must be good condition Thanks Chris.
  8. https://www.ebay.at/itm/New-Rallye-golf-g60-foglight-set-nebelscheinwerfer-neu-nos/173154238922?hash=item2850cc01ca:g:Uo8AAOSw8RZagGB1
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  10. Hi George.,i have both g60 front arches n/side has a crack underneath on lower front corner cant be seen but will need cluing AND POS PAINTING? let me know if you still need THANKS G60MAD. MIKE
  11. I am looking for a standard (non mapped) G60 chip. Anybody got one that they no longer need? Thanks
  12. Hi! You have for sale full site diavia retro-fit the climate control set AC installation LHD MK2?

  13. Excellent!! More videos on full throttle please!! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. 3 ASU final drives, 02C 409 107A for gearbox codes up to 28th May 1989, ASU28059 These are the early ones with no shared oilways to the gearbox. 1. Excellent condition with the mounting bracket included £225 2. Parts to make one unit but will need new bearings and shims. £200 3 Complete but with damage repaired pinion cover 02C 409 126. £175 The later with oilways is listed at Euro 2583 on VWClassic. These share the same pinion gearset and pinion carriers. https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/achsantrieb-91f253.html
  15. Hi, the car is driving excellent. The frist start in cold weather ( below 0 celisus ), car have very stable idle works very well. Theres no overfueling on city drive and car is more economic .
  16. " 2 have no damage present, one with a bearing still in place." One with no bearing sold
  17. berno is this on teeth set up or 60mm regular pulley? i was thinking of ordering 60mm pulley to feel it out. pros & cons in your opinion? and why want to go back to 65? also since it looks like i have 63 does that 62 seem fast to you?
  18. It is not only shorter interval service, with smaller pulley you have more danger becouse of high charger speed... With 60mm pulley, you must take special barings for high speed and every oil change,service of charger ( cca every 4000 miles) It's been a good few years since I last posted here, nice to see some are still keeping it going! My Rallye has been running a 60mm pulley since 1990 (with limited mileage) I played around with a 62mm pulley on my Golf G60 project a few years back, I should have stayed with 65mm looking back at it now
  19. Hows she driving after the map?? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. You don't by any chance still have this do you? I know I'm bringing this back from the dead.
  21. Finally the car is mapped, Rottele mad custom map for my spec, and we are customize the chip with live mapping on the road. ( set-up fuel map and AFR ). G65 badge and Rottele custom chip and video od acelleration, from 65 km/h to 205 km/h. Car goes from 100-200 km/h in cca 10 sec
  22. On oem set-up you measure the diameter , on tooth set-up you caunt the teeth. Outside diameter mens nothing on tooth set-up . Oem set up 135 mm crank 65 mm charger. 135:65=2.07. Tooth set-up. 56:26= 2.15 Oem set up for 63 mm pullye.. 135:63=2.14 The carger spins the same rpms on 63mm oem set-up as 65mm tooth set-up
  23. Perfect…. Thanks for letting me know!
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