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  1. Last week
  2. My goodness JonK I feel for you mate, you really have had a run of bad luck with rallye's, I am sure you'll get it sorted in the end!
  3. When using individual car search web pages when browsing, I came across this one. https://www.reezocar.com/en/ Although not recommending them, it might be worth looking at if someone wants an agent to look at a classic car, give a report back on condition, negotiate price, transport to purchaser and register in new country? https://www.reezocar.com/en/comment-acheter.html
  4. Thanks mark let me know how much postage will be
  5. Earlier
  6. Yes I can but won't be until end of next week.
  7. Hi Mark, can you post
  8. Looking for asset of 4 Borbet B centre caps please. Like the ones in the pic.
  9. i have a couple of problems with the g60 i have a misfire once the car is up to temperature, usually over 80 degrees - coolant temp. It back fires and splutters on hard acceleration. I have disconnected the lambda and it still does it (no change in running), ive swapped the blue coolant sensor with the black one, no change again. i did set the timing as per guides, the only thing i can say about that is the 0 on the flywheel was jumping about a little and not staying in the middle The other problem is the idle, from cold it sits just above 1000 and once warmed up it sits just below 1000. ive set it up as per guides but always goes back to the above once ive reconnected the blue sensor and rev'd 3 times etc its a 1h rallye engine with the superchips small pully and chip, merc FMIC, 4 branch and exhaust system, its using a normal g60 ecu not the rallye one This is all fitted in my mk1 gti thanks
  10. Hello, Does anyone know the correct piston ring gaps for a stock G60? Thanks
  11. The premature fire up of the engine years ago has resulted in the block being scrap. I have bought another block and am away to order pistons. I sourced 2 front wings and the "evo" rear arches have had the filler removed. Basically they have been hammered out and tones of filler applied to give the wide look. Complete waste of a car but who ever did the widening can certainly work the filler. Next up is getting the correct profile back to the rear end and having the engine rebuilt. Beyond belief what people will do.
  12. So car hasn’t been used really for 18mths been in the garage absolutely gutted that when I took it out the lacquer has started to peel on the bonnet so definitely respray yime have the car booked in with PhirmFX beginning of June. Whilst of the road I have been acquiring many parts for the rebuild New headlining made from fibreglass trimmed in original fabric Fitted SWG twin cone induction kit with SWG cold air feed Shrick cam kit and ported polished big valve head Red top injectors, SNS stage 5 anti lag chip Vortex centre console TT exhaust race header BBM fuel rail just gonna decide whether to go G65 charger, but might wait till next year. I will update with pics soon
  13. Yeah I've decided to go to turbo for that amount. I just dynode my 8v g60 and made 207 to the wheels with a 65mm pulley and i didn't rev it past 6300 cause it was leaning out put was still climbing I'm going back to the dyno to throw 3 degrees of timing and make a few tweaks with different fuel mixtures to try and get it near or to the 250hp range with the help of James with his chip tuning! I will post my dyno sheet as soon as i get software. It still baffles me how this little charger i wish produced more for the motor!!!!! Other than that i love the G Lader blower and probably one day will eventually build me a 16vg60 Thanks for the response Paudie Thanks Paudie i just took my 8vg60 truck to dyno recently with a SNS Chip i borrowed and it made 207 to the wheels and 194 torque I have James sending me a chip or two with some changes to my Timing advancing and fuel mixtures I'm trying to hit the 250HP to the wheel range. as soon as i dyno next week i will post. i revved mine out to 6300 when i noticed it was going to lean but on the chart it was climbing like it had 20 more horsepower to go. I honestly feel like the truck has 300HP because of the weight. I took it to the 1/8th mile drag strip last week and ran 7.65 at 90.87mph that equates to 11.93 which i think its fast for a 8vg60 I've been searching to see if any other Gs have been in the 11s and haven't seen any posted yet.
  14. sorted
  15. red stripe electric recaro interior rear bench has headrests but I have some fronts to be modded to match fronts front seat also door cards for 5 door recaro covers for front putting these up for 2500 ono 07494283310 call for details very very very reluctant sale
  16. is yours left hand drive
  17. Back up for sale, ~£600 on VW Classic https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/achsantrieb-ce245f.html
  18. Hi guys my genuine G60 is up for sale due to lack of use. Original Spanish vehicle without sunroof (did have AC but the previous owner took it out to make space for a genuine Rallye intercooler). Arguably the best colour for a Mk2. Bumpers/arches/trim in near perfect condition as well as rubbers. Has been resprayed back in Spain with full picture documentation to prove, it also got a brand new bonded windscreen at the same time. Paint is still very vibrant, could do with some work to make perfect. But the car is very clean rust wise. The only spot on the corner of the passenger wing which is photographed. Ive owned the vehicle for coming on 2 Years. The previous owner worked in Spain and brought it over into the UK when he came back. Mileage is around 91000 miles. The car has minimal service history but it does still have the original service book which indicates the VIN, again this matches up with the car as well as the original bill of sale, again matching VINs. Also have the original Spanish plates which match up against the rear windscreen and again the service/original bill documentation. Engine wise the car is running Schrick cams, tappets, Stage 2 charger by Jabba 3500 Miles ago, smaller pulley, cambelt changed when the cams went in. Rallye intercooler, I have never seen oil temperature go above 104 degrees. Running a jetex back box (its loud) and decat. But do have a standard exhaust to go with car. The car is pretty quick! Could benefit from a map as it is running slightly rich. Chassis wise the car is running KW variant one coilovers. Been on for less than 100 Miles so pretty much brand new. A lot of components were changed, wheel bearings, track rods etc, top mounts, stainless brake hoses all round. Also have new discs and pads boxed for the future. Unmarked genuine BBS 15” wheels which originally came with the car. Interior wise the car is standard and in great condition, seats have virtually no bolster wear and are the non recaro red ulatraviolet pattern. Overall the car is in very good condition. Hard to find them in OEM condition. Bar a little paintwork this car would be a stunning vehicle. The car will also be sold with a few more items, vinyl for the rear boot lid, genuine logo for the rear panel, exhaust, new discs and pads etc. If this car does not sell for the right price it will be stored for future use. Located in Windsor. No timewasters or tyre kickers. Test drives only if valid insurance documentation is present. Price: £7750 ovno 07846289975. Thanks
  19. Car is no longer mine im afraid but shes gone to a good home. My spec was, -Wossner pistons (spec-16v abf turbo, Forged, 8.0:1CR, 92.8stroke, 159mm rod length, 21mm pin, with low friction skirt coating) -Abf cams -Abf manifold, standard mk2 16v exhaust -Rpm inlet manifold -Rpm fuel rail -Kr dizzy -Magnicor kr 16v leads -Ngk 5430 plugs -Bosch red top injectors -3.5 bar fpr -Abf fuel tank and pump -G-werks stage 5 charger -Rallye outlet -Sprinter intercooler -Sls toothed pulley kit -Mocal oil cooler with sandwich plate(thermostat) -Isv deleted -Running digi1 with a custom dubforce tuning chip. -Eurospec stage3 paddle clutch and eurospec flywheel(6.26kg) Factory abf head with no work and factory cams. The sls toothed pulley turned out to be the equivalent of between a 65mm and 68mm ribbed pulley, i cant remember now. Graphs are from november 2015, second is air/fuel Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. Paudie since on your signature looks like you have or had 16vg60 do you know what the horsepower would be on a built motor? Im trying to see how much power these things can actually make and if its worth me finishing my project? i have 2l ABF with 83.5 wiseco pistons 9.1 compression 1.8 16v head ported polished to the max 1mm oversized intake & exhaust valves with super tech & retainers Techtonics 288 cams and i also have a set of auto tech 252 cams haven't decided what cams to use ported throttle body short runner intake manifold 440 injectors with a chip from James from Dubforce Techtonics race head 4 into 1 65mm teeth pulley with 3 fin worked charger front mount intercooler. Or if anyone knows here what would be a guess on horsepower. Just seems the post I've seen the numbers are so low for the amount of work and money that I've put in. But I'm in such love with the set up!!!! Thats at this point i don't really care:)
  21. message me here please after an airbox, can do a deal if your interested in a stainless steel inlet and cone filter
  22. Im looking for 16vg60 alternator brackets if anyone has a set and they want to get rid of please message me on here. Paypal ready
  23. Not true, ironically the ones now for sale I missed out on so was trying to find myself one. I actually didn’t have one at the point of my wanted post and then ended up with two. Assumption is the mother of all f£&? ups.
  24. I realizes a few weeks ago that GeorgeSmithB5S4 was not looking to buy, but was selling a spoiler on facebook as stated above. He just wanted to see what they were going for. Better to just ask then blag.
  25. 2 on FB for 380 each
  26. sold
  27. Rear parcel shelf £20, previous owner has made a repair to sort a crack.
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