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  1. Yesterday
  2. Provisionally sold
  3. Just take it for auto detailing.
  4. Is there a Satin Black available?
  5. Last week
  6. No photo available.
  7. Hey, you got one with a nice looking color.
  8. These still available?
  9. Hi mate I will take remaining 2 if u can post??
  10. Impressive. Looking good.
  11. Just dropping by to say hello to everyone. I'm looking for any Golf Modification for references.
  12. Looking for a standard charger in good order. ( the refurbed one I bought is not as good as it should be).
  13. Earlier
  14. Hi, does anyone have a photo of the arch stickers / stone guards fitted to a G60 Rallye? Cheers M
  15. It's the one that joins the bottom of radiator to the metal water pipe. Anyone have one they don't need? It'll be the last piece of the puzzle to finish off this mk1 g60 before I can attempt to get it running Cheers, Karl
  16. For the price of a chip you would be aswell off to change it. I ran a dubforce tuning chip on my list 16v and it made a massive difference!!! Ran way smoother and quiter, no spike in fueling and the size pulley i was running didnt matter to the chip so you could in theory go up/down a size if needed Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  17. My G60 is back on the road but the charger is long overdue a rebuild. it was originally rebuilt by jabbasport. I have a spare charger rebuilt by OCD which i would rather install and then send off the jabbasport charger and keep that as a spare. Currently it has a 73mm pulley but there is no mention on the paperwork whether there is a chip installed. I am considering putting the charger back on with a standard 78mm pulley but my question is will the car run OK. I do have a spare ECU I could try with the existing set up and see what happens. Car has aircon as well.
  18. forgot to add mate you dont need the internal side trims and the top corner plastics as they are covered by the a pillar trims (if you can get hold of the a pillar trims) the only internal trims you can see are the top bottom long trims and the bottom corner pieces. When my screen came out i only had top bottom long trims and bottom corner pieces and a post trims,
  19. Jonk Ive just had a bonded windscreen replaced in my G60, and have a few bits remaining as i had to buy some more plastics after national windscreens lost some parts. (had to pay£270 for the entire 8 inner plastics and they were 2nd hand) Ive got a outer screen seal in good condition, internal top and bottom strip trim, and one lower corner piece. you can still buy one of the corner pieces from VW heritage if you need any help sourcing a bonded screen give me a shout i may be able to help, the interior trims are mega expensive second hand mine ended up coming from germany cheers james
  20. I have a pair of fronts that I would consider selling if my Rallye sells in the coming few weeks. Otherwise I am hanging on to them while I convince myself I am nuts to sell it and I should be keeping it! drop me a PM with your contact details and I will send you pics/details.
  21. I got fed up waiting when I was looking for a set and when a set came up I didn't want to pay 2000+ for 2 seats. Good luck. I ended up buying an electric recaro interior and getting rear bench, 2 fronts and 4 door cards retrimmed for cheaper than 2 front seats.
  22. Hi I'm looking for a rallye recaro interior if anyone is lookin to sell? Please pm me if you have or know of someone willing to sell.. thanks
  23. JMR certainly gets my vote.... Darren of G-werks fame used to work with/for John... John knows as much (if not more!) about G60s than anyone else I know of.... B)
  24. Posted before and thanks for the replies but I am looking to buy the complete kit - bonded windscreen seal, side panels and 4 corner pieces please. Thanks.
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