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  3. SOLD^^^^
  4. Not at the moment. Car on SORN as I source a new G-lader to replace the worn original one on the car. Has too many wear spots on it to be reliable.
  5. Here's a few pictures of the old girl. Its amazing how different the colour looks in different light.. IMG_0721.MOV IMG_0721.MOV
  6. Anymore pictures of this beauty
  7. Looks fabulous mate
  8. Persuaded to sell one of a set of 4 centre caps so I have 3 left. Can put up pictures if required. £22 each delivered within the UK. Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh.
  9. Swiss brochure sold.
  10. 1992 Volkswagen Motorsport Calendar containing 7 images of the GpA Rallye Golf during the 1991 Deutsche Rallye Meisterschaft which it won. Front of calendar makes up the 8th image. No writing or holes, just age related scuffs. One image has an age related yellowing down one side, 1 inch, but that is of a Folmula 3? racing car. Item located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £50
  11. Hi, was this ever fixed in the end? I'm having literally the exact same voltage issues with my mk1 g60 conversion Cheers
  12. Swiss one is 09/89, the German one is 04/89
  13. Interested in the second one. What year was it printed in?
  14. Pm sent
  15. A dealer flyer for the Golf Gti G60. printed on both sides Unfolded contition Item located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £15
  16. 2 Produkt Information brochures for the Rallye Golf. Both almost identical except for some text inside and the front cover. Excellent condition with no tears or writing. 1. Printed in Germany 2. Printed in Switzerland. Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £80 each.
  17. Thanks Mark.
  18. Pikes Peak sold
  19. SOLD^^^^
  20. 13 glossy photographs of the Mk3 Golf 16v dated 10/92 Items located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh £15
  21. Folded but otherwise undamaged condition. Item located near Corn Exchange, Edinburgh. £8
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